Nine Perfect Strangers: Have you Started it Yet?
by Susweta Bose | Sat, 28 Aug 2021 15:30:19 GMT
Image Source: Radio Times, Vulture

Hulu's released show Nine Perfect Strangers is streaming online with 3 episodes only. It is the third project of Nicole Kidman with the director David E Kelly. After the massive success of Big Little Lies and The Undoing, the pair has come once again to regain popularity with this show. The storyline of the show is based on a Liane Moriarty book.

The previous two entertaining shows were the reason that grabbed the attention of viewers. The initial three is purely a glimpse of human drama to engage the watchers. However, this is precisely the idea that Mike White sensibly incorporated in his show The White Lotus.

Although the Nine Perfect Strangers is quite similar, it has explained a lot more about its originality. Those who have read the book on which it is based will know the plot of further episodes. But watching the storyline which you have read is quite a different experience.

The first episode starts with the visit of identified people at a lavish hotel owned by a mysterious Russian lady, "Masha" (Nicole Kidman). Masha's role is quite a bit unusual yet entertaining. One of the roles presents her as a "Socialist- Bloc one" that isn't entirely inaccurate. But her intentions look questionable.

In the show, almost every visitor is facing psychological problems like depression, sadness, etc. Nearly 30 women are trying to cope with the fact that their husbands left them. Sidewise, a well-known athlete, is trying to recover from his pill addiction. Also, a couple, Heather and Napoleon Marconi, recover from the trauma of their teenage son's death.

In short, it's an exciting piece to watch, but a little more drama and mystery can make it even more appealing. Nicole, a baffled woman with greyish hair and a powerful personality, is enough to go for the show. Besides, the sensible impression and cleverly tailored questions will surely make the visitors helpless and eager to look for clues. One can note her uncovered past, which consists of close to the death experience, late-night parties are all reconnecting her unusual message warnings.

Source: CNET

Most of the visitors at this lavishing hotel do not require any mental health cure. But the stranger that draws her attention more is the owner of the tranquil house. Does this owner have the answer to the questions that she is looking for? After some time, every visitor will ask the same thing.

The show might be refined a little, but the makers have done fantastic work to impress the critics. And this is the reason why this show is like a hidden treasure, as viewers never get the idea of what is to come next. 

Are you waiting with bated breath for the next episodes to air? Do let us know!