Olivia Wilde responds to Florence Pugh feud allegations
by Ana Walia | Thu, 25 Aug 2022 20:44:03 GMT
Olivia Wilde addresses feud rumors with Florence Pugh. Image Source: People 

Olivia Wilde talks about the rumors of her and Florence Pugh feuding.

Olivia Wilde recently spoke to Variety for the cover issue and has finally addressed the rumors of her feud with Don’t Worry, Darling co-star Florence Pugh.

Olivia Wilde shared that she had seen Florence Pugh in the 2019 horror "Midsommar" and she was blown away by the way she was on-screen, and she loved the movie and her, and she simply thought that Florence Pugh is an extraordinary actress. Olivia added that she is the most exciting young actress working today and she is glad to have a chance to work with her.

Florence Pugh was initially cast to play the role of Bunny, a supporting character in the movie which Olivia Wilde ended up playing and shared that after having lunch with Florence, she just knew that she had found Alice in her and said that at the time Florence Pugh’s Oscar-nominated turn in ‘Little Women’ was not released, she just knew that the actress was going to be a superstar.

When Florence Pugh did not share anything about the movie after Olivia Wilde shared a picture from behind-the-scenes, rumors started to circulate that things were not right between the two actresses and said that maybe Florence was not happy with Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles’ relationship, and later it was reported that maybe Harry Styles was being paid more than Florence.

Talking about the same, Olivia Wilde said the silliness of created clickbait and following emotions from people over a nonexistent wage gap between the two stars and supporting actors hurt her, she said, adding that there has been a lot out there and she does not pay attention to all of it. Olivia remarked that she is a woman with more than 20 years of experience in the field, that she has battled against wage inequity for herself and others, particularly as a director, and that those assertions are unfounded.

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Neither Olivia Wilde nor Florence Pugh has ever commented on the rumors about them being upset with each other, but during the interview, Olivia seemed excited to have been able to work with the actress and shared that they were all brought up so close by the bubble of the production and stated that Harry Styles and Florence Pugh were such great acting partners.

Olivia went on and said that Florence was a great support to Harry Styles, who is starting his acting career in a full fledged way and was new to a film set, and he was a great support to her as someone who understood that he was a part of a film but it was her movie as a whole. She revealed that she had Florence Pugh teamed up to find the male lead and stated that she loved his work on Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk and had heard from the producers on the film that Harry Styles was an absolute dream and went above and beyond in terms of being prepared. Florence Pugh was also enthusiastic about the idea of Harry Styles joining the film, Olivia revealed but because Harry Styles was on tour at the time, he couldn't be available and the part went to actor Shia LaBeouf but he was soon dropped just before the production started. 

After Shia LaBeouf was out of the picture, Harry Styles was locked in for the main lead after his tour was canceled due to the pandemic, and Olivia said that it was kind of magical that their first choice was cast for the main lead. Harry Styles said in a statement to Variety that he believes the narrative as a whole attracted him to the part of Jack and added that it seemed like a chance to play a character who is immensely complicated and torn between love and obsession. He added that to play with, the character always had two sides, and playing a character that you always feel like you're trying to figure out is entertaining was very intriguing to him.

Harry Styles also mentioned the finest bit of advice Olivia Wilde ever offered him, which was to start by putting away his Oscar that he had just won in the morning's shower. Listen and do the scene with your partner, not at them. Be a human, tell the truth. The singer- actor said he was moved by Olivia Wilde's dedication to her craft. He added that Olivia is a director who is incredibly focused and who communicated her expectations to the cast with both clarity and respect. The singer also believed that Olivia's transition from acting to directing had made her a director who understands how to bring out the best in everyone.

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In the movie, Alice is seen humming a secret melody that is played heavily throughout; Olivia Wilde said that Harry Styles volunteered to create the melody, which in the script was simply referred to as "the trigger song." This is an intriguing aspect of the movie that Olivia spoke about. During the planning phase, Harry reached out to her and inquired about the trigger music, such as the melody. According to Olivia, after telling him she wasn't sure, she asked him if he had any thoughts. Five minutes later, he gave her a sample of a song he had been playing on his piano, which was later featured in the movie.

Harry Styles noted that he wanted something that, depending on the situation, could be both charming and unsettling. He recalled first hearing it on the piano, where it reminded him of a handcrafted nursery rhyme. The singer expressed his desire for it to lead several distinct lives.

'Don't Worry Darling' comes out on 23rd September 2022.