Pamela Anderson reveals Tommy Lee notified her about the Hulu show
by Ana Walia | Thu, 26 Jan 2023 19:53:35 GMT
Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee separated in 1998. Image Source: Little Things .com

Pamela Anderson has no hard feelings for Lily James.

Pamela Anderson is getting ready to release her HarperCollins memoir "Love, Pamela" as well as her Netflix docuseries "Pamela, a love story," directed by Ryan White and produced by her and ex-husband Tommy Lee's 26-year-old son, Brandon Thomas Lee, is speaking out about how Tommy Lee warned her about the Hulu series, "Pam & Tommy."

Pamela Anderson recently told Variety that the makers of "Pam & Tommy," starring Lily James and Sebastian Stan, owe her an apology for not trying to seek her approval before having to move forward with the venture regarding her life while she is still alive.

Pam continued by stating that it was surprising to her, and potentially to Tommy Lee as well, and that Tommy decided to write to her in a note, telling her not to allow the tape hurt her like it did the first time, since he had heard through the kids that she was starting to struggle with the concept of bringing this all up once more. The actress asserted that she does not think he was presented favorably, and she simply refuses to watch it. 

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Despite her refusal to watch or participate in "Pam & Tommy," Pamela Anderson claimed that she has no ill will toward actress Lily James, who managed to play her in the Hulu series. Pamela Anderson even stretched an olive branch by inviting Lily James to the red carpet premiere of her documentary "Pamela: A Love Story," which will be available on Netflix on January 31.

Pamela stated that she claims to believe it is challenging to portray someone when they do not know the entire picture, and she has told Netflix that she'd love to invite Lily to the film's premiere. She made clear that she has absolutely nothing wrong with Lily James, appears to believe she is a beautiful girl and was merely doing her job. But the thought of the entire thing that is happening was simply too much for her.

Lily James during her interview with Net-a-Porter had shared that she did reach out to Pamela Anderson before she started filming and her sole intention was to take care of the story and to play her authentically. Lily at the time said that she was very hopeful that they could get in touch with the model but they didn't and noted that she would have loved for Pamela to be involved and things would have been different.

In a recent New York Times profile, Pamela Anderson revealed that she did receive a letter from Lily James but she decided not to read it or watch the show because everything was already very hurtful the first time, and listening to the series only made her think that people are still capitalizing off that thing. She added that a digital copy of that letter sits somewhere in her email.

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During the interview, the actress stated that her life has been far more impactful than a fluffy hat or a sex tape and that there was more to her than that. She keeps repeating a mantra she was used to chanting in the supermarket to calm herself down: hold her head up high. Exit the building. She tried to claim that she was aware that everybody had seen her having sex, but she was simply here to buy some cereal for the kids, and she just kept walking.

Regarding Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, the actress appeared on The Howard Stern Show on January 25, 2023, and stated that Tommy is blissfully happy to Vine star Brittany Furlan, and she has been good to him, and Pamela continues to support that. She continued by stating that she appreciates their relationship and is just grateful he is happy and has someone in his life. 

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee married in 1995 on a beach in Mexico after a four-day romance. They have two sons, Brandon and Dylan. When a personal video they documented on their honeymoon was taken away and distributed, the former couple became famous for being entangled in the first celebrity sex tape controversy. After three years, the couple divorced in 1998 after their relationship became volatile. Following her divorce from Tommy, the model married several times more, including to Kid Rock, whom she married in four separate ceremonies in 2006 and divorced the following year.

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Her subsequent marriages were also brief, including two walks down the aisle with Rick Salomon. And Pamela believes there's a justification for the relationships didn't last. Pamela stated that she does not assume she ever chose to give herself the option to have another connection after that was meaningful. It was more like trying to rebuild a family unit. But she was not truly in love; she was just merely going through the motions until she realized she had absolutely nothing in common with this person. There was nothing like Tommy, and she was putting the people in her life to take her mind off the agony and to have someone to talk to but there was nothing nutritious. In her memoir, Pamela stated that Tommy Lee had been possibly the only individual she had ever loved.

She says she won't be looking for a relationship for a while because she's living by herself on Vancouver Island. The actress stated that she plans to be alone for at least a year adding that it has indeed been challenging, and she hasn't spent much with her friends. Pam adds that isn't the willingness to be alone synonymous with the capacity to love? But this is good for her, and she will be able to overcome it because, now that both the documentary and book have been released, people will be able to see her entire personality. Then she might be able to reclaim her humanity.

On January 31, 2023, the films "Pamela, a Love Story" and "Love, Pamela" will be released.