Paul Michael and Amanda Bynes break up their engagement but remain together. Find more here.
by Ana Walia | Sat, 09 Jul 2022 20:24:40 GMT
Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael call it quits after two years of being engaged. Image Source: The Teal Mango 

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael call it quits after two years of being engaged.

According to reports, actress Amanda Bynes, whose conservatorship was recently terminated, has decided to end her engagement after two years with longtime boyfriend Paul Michael, but they are still together in a relationship.

According to a source close to the couple, they called off their engagement some time in 2021 but not the romance because they are still together and have only decided to put a pause on their engagement and wedding planning. The source added that Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael have gone through a lot of ups and downs together and individually, which made them realize that maybe they were moving too quickly so they wanted to slow things down but at the same time, they love each other and want to be still committed to each other. So, they are together but called off their engagement.

According to a different source, the couple has canceled their engagement and is now concentrating on getting through the difficult times to emerge stronger and healthier. The insider stated that in addition to the epidemic and public pressure, several severe obstacles are keeping the couple from getting married.

Before Amanda Bynes announced her engagement to Paul Michael in a since-deleted Instagram post on Valentine's Day in 2020, the couple originally met at a rehab facility and dated for two to three months. According to sources, the couple at the time decided to call it quits on their engagement three weeks later and go their separate ways. However, they quickly rekindled their affection and got back together and were reported to be doing better than before. When the conservatorship was dissolved, the actress was still with Paul Michael, who was helping her to recover and make wise decisions for herself. At the time, the sources stated that the wedding was doubtful because of the conservatorship.

Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael have decided to take things slow. Image Source: The Sun

According to the reports that came out in April, Amanda Bynes and Paul Michael clashed over Amanda's belief that Paul had relapsed while Paul said he had not. As a consequence of the verbal altercation between the two, Amanda reportedly threw Paul out of her Los Angeles home and later police was contacted. After the misunderstanding was cleared up, Amanda Bynes publicly apologized to Paul on Instagram, saying she had been mistaken and that he had administered a drug test for her using a kit she had purchased from CVS and the drug test came negative for all substances. Last but not least, she clarified that she and Paul were remaining together and expressed regret for the uncertainty.

According to a source, Amanda and Paul still have a strong commitment to one another and take their relationship seriously. They wear rings to demonstrate their love for one another and as a reminder of their shared journey of learning and growth, but the rings aren't everything to them.

Another source stated that Paul is in law school after working in healthcare for 10 years and is doing well, whilst actress Amanda is sober, killing it, and doing better than ever and mentioned that the show has surpassed many hard and significant experiences in her life that has helped to be an incredible woman. The couple has been through many difficult and critical situations that have helped them to be stronger and more supportive of each other.