Ramona Agruma is Rebel Wilson's 'Disney Princess'!
by Ana Walia | Thu, 09 Jun 2022 19:56:16 GMT
Rebel Wilson and Ramona Agruma. Image Source: Parade

Rebel Wilson has found her princess.

Rebel Wilson announced her relationship with Ramona Agruma on Instagram with a gorgeous photo and the caption that read that all this time, she believed that she was looking for a Disney Prince, but what she really needed was a Disney Princess. 

Shortly after the actress announced her romance on social media, her pals, including actress Arielle Kebbel and Montana Brown left comments on her post expressing their love and support for the happy pair. Tyler Barnhardt, who co-starred in Rebel's Senior Year, added, "Happy Pride Icon!"

Sources close to Rebel Wilson shared that the two incredible women had been dating for a while and had met through a common friend about six months ago and hit off instantly. The insider also shared that the couple is very happy and content together, and their friends are very supportive of their relationship.

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Rebel Wilson admitted to being happy in a relationship when she appeared on Jordana Abraham and Jard Fried's "U Up?" podcast in May, although she did not name her partner at the time and referred to her as them. She went on to say that she could trust them as the actress stated that meeting someone through a trustworthy person is far more effective than meeting people through applications. Rebel told People that they had talked on the phone for weeks before the meeting and that it had been a terrific opportunity to get to know each other. It was old school, but incredibly romantic, according to the actress.

She went on to explain how this relationship differs from previous ones, stating that there were times when she was probably putting up with something she shouldn't have, and in the process of regaining her self-worth, she explained that individuals need to be with someone who elevates them, which is how her current relationship differs from previous ones. Rebel went on to say that being in a healthy relationship feels different. During the podcast, Rebel stated that she went out with over 50 individuals that year before settling down with her current partner, but that some of them were only for one date, and she was like, "Oh no." The actress added that she purposefully wanted to push herself and date a large number of individuals to gain that experience and that while she is aware that her dating style is unusual, it nevertheless helped her understand the sort of love partner she was seeking for.

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Rebel Wilson said she was a late bloomer in her personal life when she spoke with PEOPLE for her cover story in May, but she added there were benefits to being a young lady who concentrated on her education and earned a law degree. She said that no one was interested in dating her when she was in her 20s because she had a snaggle tooth and that she was a catch if people got to know her, but no one was interested. The actress proceeded in this vein, but in a way that allowed her to not only have an incredible career but also to emerge from nowhere in Australia with two degrees and then come to America and demolish it. Would she have been able to do so if she had been in a committed relationship? Probably not, but she added that she was always destined to be a late bloomer in love.

There is not much known about Ramona Agruma who has a private social media but her LinkedIn states that she has attended law school at the University of Latvia from 2004 to 2009 and is the founder of Lemon Ve Limon, a sustainable clothing brand designed to take you places in comfort and style. Before Ramona Agruma, Rebel Wilson dated American beer heir, Jacob Busch, but the pair split up in February 2021.

Well as Rebel Wilson said in her caption, #loveislove!