Read the surprising experiences of Euphoria cast in Season 2
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 02 Mar 2022 17:06:14 GMT
The cast of Euphoria shared their experiences with Season2; Credits: IMDB

Euphoria Season 2 is not honestly the most euphoric TV show out there or something that you would watch to feel happy. The show was still amazing, but its dark ending could have been toned down a little if some of the fans are to be believed.  

The eight-episode season featured an entire array of unlikely couples in the show, drug-induced dreams, and much more. The cast of the show recently talked with Entertainment Weekly, detailing what it was like to shoot the series, how well they liked the story, and how they admire their fellow cast members. 

Explaining that the cast members are going through different experiences as they shoot the series, Colman Domingo said that it feels like they are all shooting different shows and not the same one. The cinematographer of the series has been using different camera shots for different characters.

Yet, it is different when they get to shoot with other actors on the sets, and the dynamics of the storytelling change with each retelling. Colman and Zendaya have a friendlier approach to their relationship, and they usually kick off things with jokes and fun. 

Storm Reid added that the characters on the show are presently trying their hardest to save Ruth from a bleak ending. The Euphoria world has suffered dire consequences, and the characters have been trying to "salvage" as much as they can. And in turn, the tone of season 2 is much darker than it ever was for season 1. 

Actor Angus Cloud, who plays Fezco, also shared what it was like to be a part of the Euphoria tribe. The actor features a scar mark, which was played into the series by sharing how the character got the scar. 

Though Cloud did not actually receive the scar as Euphoria portrayed, he said it was cool to have a piece of him be played into the storyline. Cloud and Fezco also share the same "lingo" and come from a similar "backstory."

Cloud also shared that working with Sam Levinson on Euphoria has been great so far as the series creator is always open to new ideas and always adventurous to see how things work out. The creator is liberal when it comes to experimenting with the script and allows for creativity to flow untethered. 

Another part of the show that the audience is really keen to unveil is if Nate and McKay, played by Algee Smith, have ended their friendship for good. While Cassie and Maddy are still going on strong, it looks like Nate is not much bothered about McKay any longer.  

Jacob Elordi, the actor who plays Nate, thinks that he was never much keen on his friendship with McKay ever. McKay was someone he could use to reach his means, and that was their only relationship. They were just people who played a sport together. 

Besides all the darkness that Euphoria featured this season, there is something sweet to make the show a little true to its name. The young actor Elias Kacavas who plays young Cal, is one of the sweetest little children whom Eric Dane appreciated for his portrayal of Cal. 

Eric Dane and Elias Kacavas shot a scene on the sets together where the two got to talk. Eric Dane called Kacavas a "sweet kid" and even shared that the young actor sent a thank you note for his older mentor. 

Besides the amazing storyline that has propelled the popularity of Euphoria, many fans have been watching the show only for the outrageous fashion moments that kids serve in Euphoria High. Euphoria fashion has become a mainstay on TikTok trends, and it is safe to say the series has given rise to a fashion culture after its namesake. 

As the series has cast drop-dead gorgeous models like Hunter Schaffer for roles, it is only safe to say that fashion enjoys the front seat in the series. Stunning and beautiful, Schaffer featured a long hair look in Season 1 but decided to experiment with her hair in Season 2.

She revealed that she had been wanting to cut her hair short for a while now, even before season 1 but her modeling agency did not want her changing her look. Yet with season 2 of Euphoria, she finally had the wish of her heart. 

The actress was not previously allowed to cut her hair mid-season but she asked Sam Levinson if they could incorporate that element into the story somehow. Her hair had also become damaged from regular bleaching, and it needed a bit of a healthy trim. 

Season 2 Euphoria features many darker, drug-induced scenes; Credits: EW

But it is not only Jule's hair that sees a change in season 2. Hunter worked with the costume designer Heidi Bivins to bring more fashion adventure into the life of Jules. The character ended up becoming much more fashion-forward than the last season.