Rita Ora addressed rumors of a 'Throuple' relationship with Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson
by Ana Walia | Tue, 24 Jan 2023 18:00:02 GMT
Rita Ora addressed the rumors of Throuple. Image Source: Complex 

Rita Ora addressed the rumors of Throuple.

Singer Rita Ora, during a recent interview with British GQ, addressed the rumors of being in a three-way relationship with her now-husband Taika Waititi and actress Tessa Thompson.

Rita Ora was seen kissing and cuddling with Thor: Love and Thunder director and now her husband Taika Waititi and actress Tessa Thompson in Sydney, Australia, in May 2021. She is now discussing why she ended up choosing not to confront the issue at the time. Rita Ora asserted that she chose not to recognize the rumor because it was absurd, to begin with.

The singer went on to say that if something is so ridiculous that it's difficult to comprehend it, people should just ignore it. Rita noted that she had chosen to take that approach for a lot of things because she does not wish to put energy into a situation that doesn't exist, noting that it's comparable to trying to explain something which didn't happen, which means she's feeding into nothing.

Don't people ever recollect being in a circumstance in which they've consumed a significant amount of alcohol and everybody's their best friend? Rita Ora said of the moment captured in the photos. And they're like they were speaking to this individual in the smoking section for four hours and have no idea who they are. That photo simply represented a group of friends having a great time. She went on to say that Taika and Tessa had a crazy schedule and that everybody was having an enjoyable time, which she enjoyed.

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The singer/songwriter went on to say that she was pleased the current focus was impactful to some of her fans. The actress continued by stating that when she was on Twitter having a conversation with her fans, all of her amazing LGBTQIA+ fan bases were like, actually, whether it was true or not, they were just so encouraged that this is being openly adjusted. Rita expressed her joy at receiving such kind comments, adding that one never knows who it will touch.

Rita Ora said of her now-husband Taika Waititi that when her life just got better, she knew he was the one for me. They were very good friends for six years already when she moved to Australia, where the two had separate projects and did not even know that many people. Rita noted how nice it was to encounter a familiar figure, and their worlds collided. That was the end of it. She continued by stating that it was their bond that managed to make her believe she was ready to settle down. Rita stated that she never considered such things because she does not want to jinx anything.

Taika Waititi addressed the PDA photos in the summer of 2021, telling The Sydney Morning Herald that he was not irked by their virality. According to the director, in the era of the internet, everything fades away rapidly, and he also asked, "Is it that big a deal?" No, he was just not, and he wasn't doing something wrong. It's all okay.

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Rita Ora was asked if she thinks the way tabloids write concerning her has changed seeing as she married Taika. She mentioned that she had a discussion with her girlfriends the other day about it and was completely satisfied. She continues, that she is not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but she believes the world of news reporting is thinking, now that she's off the table, what are they going to do? Rita stated that they're most likely holding an emergency meeting! Once that chance is gone, they'll have to start writing about her work, as it is something she's always wanted to do.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by tabloid media exposure, and the singer admitted that yes, there have been times when it's been intolerable, and she's thought, maybe this isn't worth it? But no one wants to abandon their aspirations and everything they worked for to reach this point for a fleeting period. People don't want to bite the bait and ruin everything they are doing, particularly since she sings for a living. It's completely insane. It's not your typical job. Rita went on to say that she believes that when one is extremely depressed - as she has been in the past, which is why her family and friends are so important to her - patience is extremely beneficial.

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People realize that time heals everything and that they can then get back on their feet. It's a very fine line she explains and stated that she is never rude and dismissive of her job adding that, nobody is going to recognize that world if they are not a part of it. It's extremely challenging to comprehend mentally. One cannot prepare them for this.

The singer was asked during the interview if she has spent years having other people change her reputation in places over which she has little control. In retrospect, what does she believe people got wrong? Rita answered that people believing that she is shallow and unreal is what they have got wrong adding that that's just her imagining her worst nightmare. She said that she wants people to listen to her and say something like good for her and she's finally found something that works for her. Rita Ora lastly said that the truth is that she is experiencing a genuine shift and is hoping it's in the music because she has felt it.

Rita Ora's new single, "You Only Love Me," will be released on January 27.