Salma Hayek Recalls An Interesting Incident With Samuel L Jackson
by Meenakshi | Fri, 22 Oct 2021 16:43:03 GMT
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With Marvel Studios The Eternals is all set to release on 5th November 2021, the film stars are busy promoting the epic, in a recent interview Salma Hayek, who will be featured in the film as Ajak, the leader of the superhero squad Eternals, revealed that Samuel L. Jackson called out her to keep her role in the film a secret.

"Oh, it was terrible," Hayek replied when asked if she ever received any kind of advice from Jackson or Reynolds. "Oh, no, no, it was terrible, because when I was doing that movie I had still sworn secrecy, and nobody knew. And they were all talking about their Marvel stuff, and Deadpool, Ryan, was asking him because now Deadpool is [going to be in the MCU]." Hayek's co-star, Angelina Jolie, chimed in and said, "I love this. No, but I love this, that they're sitting around talking and you're sitting back thinking 'I am the leader of the Eternals.'" 

Hayek replied by recalling the incident she had when she was sitting beside Samuel L. Jackson and the actor asked her "So how much are they going to pay you?"

She added, "No, but I was not sitting with that self-confidence. I was dying to brag. I wanted them to know so badly, I was not like smiling. I was like, 'Oh, I wonder if I get fired if I just say it to these two,' you know? And also because they were asking questions to each other because Deadpool wasn't, but now it is, and Ryan was entering, and Sam is the expert. And I was just like trying to listen, and asking little questions, and trying to learn. And then, so one day I'm sitting with Sam right after they were talking about it a lot and he goes, 'So how much are they going to pay you?' or something like this, or 'Oh, so which one are you?'"

She continued by saying that she didn't reveal anything about her role in the film, "No, I didn't say anything, I go, 'What are you talking about?' He goes, 'Come on, I've been watching you when we're, you're in the Marvel movie, but you don't want to say it, because they told you not to say it. It's okay, I'm part of the family." It was incredible." Jolie joked, "Like joining the mafia." Hayek concluded, "He picked up my nervousness to brag. Sorry, I talk too much," she added.

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Along with Salma Hayek in the role of Ajak, the film has other superstars like Angelina Jolie in the role of Thena, Brian Tyree Henry in the role of Phastos, Richard Madden in the role of Ikaris, Gemma Chan in the role of Sersi, Lauren Ridloff in the role of Makkari, Lia McHugh in the role of Sprite, Barry Keoghan in the role of Druig, Don Lee in the role of Gilgamesh, Kit Harington in the role of Dane Whitman with additional actors including Harish Patel, Haaz Steiman as Phastos' husband, Ozer Ercan as a smuggler and Zain Al Rafeea in an unknown role.