Sandra Bullock gushes about boyfriend Bryan Randall and talks about co-parenting
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 02 Dec 2021 17:44:57 GMT
Image Source: Closer Weekly, MSN

Sandra Bullock just shared a few details about her partner Bryan Randall and how he is incredibly gentle and amiable with her two children. The actress talked about her parenting struggles and shared more glimpses from her personal life with her two children and her partner.

The Bird Box actress revealed that her partner, Bryan Randall, aged 55, is exceptionally patient with her children and is "a saint." The actress is the mother to her two kids, son Louis, aged 11, and daughter Laila, aged 8. In a recent interview on November 30, Tuesday, the Oscar winner had a parenting interview during the episode of Red Table Talk. Sharing more about her boo, she said, “He has evolved on a level that is not human.” She also added “hell no,” when asked if the star had any part in her adoption process. 

Telling how she first introduced her children to the photographer, the actress talked about their NDA, which they first had in place when photographing Louis. Bullock said, “I had Louis first. Then when I met him, we hadn’t been together that long, and I said, ‘Remember that NDA you signed when you photographed my son?'" 

Telling him that the agreement is still valid and that she was on her way to bring home her second child, she said, "'You know that still holds … because I’m bringing a child home when I come back from Toronto.'" The Proposal actress added the photographer was very happy with the announcement but also anxious for the whole process. She added, “He was so happy, but he was scared. I’m a bulldozer. My life was already on the track, and here’s this beautiful human being who doesn’t want anything to do with my life but the right human being to help me.”

But everything is easily not all rainbows and sunshine, especially when it comes to co-parenting the kids with her partner. The star shared that things get "hard" sometimes when the photographer tries helping because, as the Golden Globe winner said, she wants to “do everything myself.” 

Still, the couple does manage to work out things together, and Sandra Bullock even added that she is happy that Randall is the role model for her children. When talking with the episode's hosts, Willow Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Sandra also said that their religious viewpoints often clash as the couple sees things from different angles, and yet, in the end, they are of the same mind. 

She told the hosts on the show, “He’s the example that I would want my children to have,” and added, “I have a partner who’s very Christian, and there are two different ways of looking at things. I don’t always agree with him, and he doesn’t always agree with me. But he is an example even when I don’t agree with him. … We’re saying it differently, but we mean the exact same thing.”

Randall and Sandra Bullock had started dating in 2015. Bullock had already been separated from her former husband, Jesse James, for about five years then. The Blind Side actress had adopted Louis in 2010, who was then followed by Laila in 2015, the same year when the photographer and the actress got together. Randall himself is father to daughter Skylar he had with his former partner.

The star also said that she is happy with the way her family is going at the moment, and their family dynamic is "the best thing ever." Sharing that she is of no mind to make things legal with a wedding, the Blind Side star said, “I don’t need a paper to be a devoted partner, a devoted mother. I don’t need to be told to be ever-present. I don’t need to be told to weather the storm with a good man.”

Last year in November 2020, a source had shared with Us Weekly that there is "no pressure on either side" when it comes to getting married. The source said, “They’re totally open to getting married down the line but there’s no pressure on either side.” “It is more of an acknowledgment that they’re lucky to have each other and that it doesn’t take a piece of paper or formality to ensure happiness.”

Still, if the couple does marry one day, it will not be a very big wedding. The source said, “As and when this happens, it’ll likely be an intimate affair.” They added, “Nothing too splashy or fancy, just a couple dozen of their closest friends and family at a location wedding in rural California or by a lake in Texas.”

The couple might also welcome home more kids, as the source added, “They’re open to having more kids, too, but again it’s not front and center of their agenda,” and continued, “Things are busy enough with what they have. … Their future is incredibly positive and exciting, and Sandra still has to pinch herself at times to check it’s for real, not a fairytale she’s dreaming in her sleep.”

Sandra Bullock talks about parenting with hosts Willow and Jada Pinkett Smith; Credits: Yahoo

The star also said that the photographer is "the model stepfather in every way” for her children!