Sean Penn appealed to unvaccinated movie lovers not to visit theatres.
by Surabhi Goel | Tue, 24 Aug 2021 18:47:07 GMT
Image Source: The AV Club

Multitasking Sean Penn appealed the movie lovers to visit the cinema halls only if vaccinated and masked properly.

Penn, the Oscar winner, launched his first film in collaboration with MGM media company” FLAG DAY” in theatres, so he urged people to visit only when they are fully vaccinated from Novel Coronavirus. And appealed to the people not to come out of their homes who are not vaccinated.

In the middle of a rush of covid-19 infections due to its variants, the audience has to show the certificate of vaccination while media servants and securities have to go for a Covid test before working in the halls. L.A. County Department of Public Health guidelines addressed the audience to wear the mask while watching the film. 

The director said that everyone wants to feel independent ,but we can’t achieve freedom without correlation. The spectators were seen full of excitement in the cinema halls. He also thanked MGM for premiering the movie in theatres and not on online platforms.

Flag Day Cannes premiere. (Image source: Variety)

Sean also said that first of all movie like Flag Day is releasing on the big screen which is more alluring and fascinating for the movie lovers watching in theatres. Movie lovers will love watching in the theatre than on small screens.

With his son Hopper Penn and daughter Dylan Penn in the movie, Flag Day is more of a domestic affair. Penn being a multitasker not only directed it but also acts in it scripted by Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth transformed from Jennifer Vogel’s autobiography Film-Flam-Man. 

Dylan Penn, Sean Penn ,and Katheryn Winnick. (Image Source:

The storyline is about a personal family drama which was launched at Cannes Film Festival in the previous month. It is a story of a young lady (Dylan Penn) who fights to uprise from the ruins of her past and the shadow of an alcoholic mother (Winnick) and notorious con artist of a father (Penn).

Flag day was launched on 20 august 2021 in limited cinema halls.