“Selena Gomez is an embodiment of uniqueness,” says Rare Beauty CMO.
by Navya | Thu, 19 Aug 2021 15:55:30 GMT

There is no way you haven’t heard this name before. The pop ‘hero’ has been entertaining the audience with her breathtaking songs for over a decade now. The actor cum singer began her career back in 2002 and has been in demand since then. While she debuted with the TV series “Barney and the Friends” as an actress, her debut in music began with Disney.

Selena Gomez is outstanding in her every act. She started early and achieved great heights at an early age. She started her own production company at just 16. Ain’t that amazing? The list of her achievements goes on and on. For these and several other reasons, she is unique, special, and an achiever. Rare Beauty probably felt the same and praised her for projecting her authentic self.

Rare Beauty is a beauty and cosmetic brand launched by Selena herself back when the world has been rippled with the virus outbreak. But, Selena has always been a brave girl and never fears swimming against the stream. At a time when the businesses are shutting down, Selena decided to jump into the beauty business.

But, Selena distinguishes Rare Beauty from other cosmetic brands. She says Rare Beauty is not a product of commercial interest. “It is an attempt to fill the holes in the beauty industry,” Selena proudly says.

Rare Beauty CMO Katie Welch said, “Rare Beauty makes you feel good without hiding what makes you unique.” “The motto of Rare Beauty aligns with the mission of Selena Gomez,” says Rare Beauty. “To ensure that her ideals are being realized, Selena works closely with the Rare Beauty team,” said Katie.

Rare Beauty is an attempt to combine beauty market and philanthropic activities, according to the cosmetic agency. Before the cosmetic industry made huge profits, Rare Beauty has committed to collect funds and divert them to support mental health development efforts. Even now, Rare Beauty donates 1% of their all sales and raises more funds to assist mental health services.

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Selena’s efforts to grow Rare Beauty are tied up with her other interests as well. As Rare Beauty concentrates on weightless high-performance makeup, they wanted the products to be safe, sustainable, and support mental health.

With that in mind and making the ideals of Selena a top priority, Rare Beauty has launched “The Boxy Charm Luxe Box,” which is delivered to their customers every quarter. The Boxy Charm Luxe Box is “made for every self-expression,” says Katie.

“The Boxy Charm Luxe Box” contains eight beauty products. The average price value of this bundle of beauty is $395 and will be made available from September.

Selena and Rare Beauty announce that “The Boxy Charm Luxe Box” will be the first subscription box. As Selena launches her first celeb beauty line subscription box, she shared her excitement with the fans on all social media platforms and expressed her gratitude for being a part of a great team.