Selena Gomez woos over the audience with her Coldplay Collaboration
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 20 Oct 2021 12:24:27 GMT
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Selena Gomez and Coldplay had a very emotional performance on the stage of 'The Late Late Show with James Coden' as the musical band, and the Disney starlet performed a soulful concert of 'Let Somebody Go.'

Selena Gomez appeared as a special guest on the evening of the October 18th episode of the TV show, The Late Late Show, with James Corden. The Only Murders in Building star took over the audience with her soulful performance of the song along with Coldplay while she dazzled in an ethereal off-the-shoulder black dress. 

The Disney starlet stunned at the stage in the same black dress that she was seen donning during the promotional material releases for her single with the band. She had dressed her hair in loose waves during the show, and the producer and actress added more shine to her look by opting for a glitter eye makeup look and a pouty pink lip.

The eloquent execution of the song 'Let Somebody Go,” with the band was Selena's first-time collaboration as she had yet never sung the melody live. The song comes from the Album Music of Spheres, the latest melodious child of the popular band Coldplay.

The band, hence, honored the beginning of their week-long performances at The Late Late Show with a fitting aid from Selena Gomez. The musical debut of Selena with the band comes at the musical ensemble's launch of Music of the Spheres, their ninth album.

 The performance began with the group's singer Chris Martin seated behind his upright piano, made to look heavenly with a series of celestial images to fit in with the album's theme of outer space. The beginning moments of the band's recital and the live performance featured in near darkness. As the time slowly built up to the crescendo, pink light bulbs went on, shedding Martin and Gomez in light as they picked up the chorus singing, “to let somebody, to let somebody go."

With Selena still obscured in the slow, rhythmic pulsing of the pink overhead lights, Martin sweetly sang about love without bounds that were to last him a lifetime and yet to end one day. "I loved you to the moon and back again", he sang about his infinitely gigantic feelings, and then Selena gently added in the melody singing,  "All the storms we weathered, everything that we went through/ Now without you what on Earth am I to do?"

The singing duo turned to each other, with eyes set on the other and joined their angelic voices to go on, "When I called the mathematicians, and I asked them to explain, They say love is only equal to the pain."

The collaboration has now set off a long week full of performances to be seen on The Late Late Show with James Cordon. Apart from the show, the band will be taking on a sustainable and low carbon stadium tour on which they will take off in 2022, as announced by the group last week. The tours are going to be particularly exceptional as the musical group declared that all the concerts will take place at 100% renewable energy-powered places. The group aims to lower their last tour from 2016-17's carbon emissions by 50% and also announced that a tree will be planted for each ticket sold. 

The actor, singer, producer and entrepreneur, too, has had quite a busy time this year as she jumps from one successful project to another. The Rare Beauty owner had the fortune of airing her new Hulu series, Only Murderers in The Building, mere hours after she had given her performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden. The series has received very high acclaim from critics, and the Selena, Steve Martin and Martin Short starrer series are already announced to be renewed for its next season. 

The Coldplay bandmates themselves are in awe of Selena's hustle and good natured-ness. The band lead Chris Martin spoke about his duet with Selena on their new album and told Ryan Seacrest on Air with Ryan Seacrest,  "First of all, Selena's personality inside, she's just an angel. I've got so much love and respect for her… She's such a good, kind person … and then her voice for me is in like what I would call 'the Rihanna bag' which are voices that are gifts to humanity,"

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The singer herself had declared back in August 2021 that she will be producing more music along with her many other endeavors; she had said, "I'm starting to work on a new album right now, so I'm really excited and have so much to say." The singer has yet only three studio albums to her name, with her latest, Rare, having been released in 2020. Her fans had gone into shock one time she had told a reporter that she was thinking about retiring from music only to tell Elle later, "I don't think I'll ever quit making music."