Sex Education star Emma Mackey bids a happy goodbye to Maeve after four seasons
by Ana Walia | Mon, 20 Feb 2023 20:31:59 GMT
Emma Mackey bids goodbye to Sex Education. Image Source: NME

Emma Mackey bids goodbye to Sex Education after Season Four! 

French-British actress Emma Mackey, who recently won the EE Rising Star Award at the 76th British Academy Film Awards on Sunday, has revealed that she is ready to say goodbye to her character Maeve on Netflix’s "Sex Education."

During a press room meeting, Emma said that they have just wrapped up season four and she has said her positive and happy goodbyes to her character Maeve Riley on the show who stars opposite actor Asa Butterfield who plays Ottis on the show, when asked about the show's future.  

Emma Mackey revealed during a conversation with the Radio Times last year before the cast and crew started filming season 4 that she was not going to appear on the show as frequently as she had in previous years. The actress described her less on-screen time by explaining that it appears to start to feel very natural and it's a bit quite sporadic as a matter of fact of more storylines.

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The actress who portrays highly loved characters Maeve on the show asserted that this is why she isn't appearing on the show as frequently, but incorporated that they are in the middle of filming at the time and she is thrilled to be back, noting that she is fascinated to know what will happen—because she, too, had no idea. Emma Mackey said at the time that she'd find out as they go, so it'll be exciting.

Tanya Reynolds who plays Lily on the show is also expected not to return the show and she told the Radio Times in July that it's just the natural progression of these shows. She explained further that when the show has such a big ensemble cast and so many characters, she thinks they have to let a few older characters go to make way for newer ones, which is the right thing and the way it should happen. 

Emma Mackey isn't the only star to leave Sex Education in recent weeks, with Ncuti Gatwa departing just a few weeks ago. On Instagram, the new Doctor Who actor paid homage to his character Eric, writing: "Today is the final day. The last time. Bye, bubs, and thank you for all the learnings and power."

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Emma Mackey said on Sunday after receiving the EE Rising Star Award that she didn't prepare anything at all and simply thanked BAFTA, EE, and everyone who voted. She went on to say how proud she was to be nominated alongside the other nominees for the award and how special it was to win.

The next day, Emma Mackey spoke to ELLE UK exclusively and the actress appeared to be savouring every moment. Emma informed the publication that she is starting to feel good and fulfilled and that she has been speaking to her family and friends, thanking everybody, and simply taking comfort in their love. It's been wonderful.

Speaking about her co-actor and friend Aimee Lou Wood, who was also nominated for the same award, Emma said that she is one of her best friends in the whole world, adding that they have grown up together and spent a large number of their 20s together, so it felt really special to be nominated in the same category. Emma added that it was a lovely bonus, and they were chuffed.

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The actress shared that her favorite recollection of the evening, aside from the award, was being complimented by two industry icons: Cate Blanchett and Colin Farrell. Emma asserted that the actors met her to applaud her, which she thought was unbelievable given how much she idolizes them. She continues by stating that it was a big highlight for her, not merely because she was mesmerized, but because they are individuals she likes and respects who are so good at what they do.

Emma stated that she would need some room to breathe right now because she does not have a plan. Emma noted that she will take an entire week off to rest, read, go for long walks, and cook. She hasn't spent a lot of time in her kitchen in a month, so she can't wait to get back into the kitchen, noting that she knows it sounds so boring, but she is just so eager to make a large amount of broth.

The contenders for the Rising Star Award were selected by a panel of casting directors, producers, and industry professionals, as well as actors Hayley Atwell, Joe Cole, and Jason Flemyng, before the majority voted Emma Mackey as the winner.

Emma Mackey's exit from Sex Education has yet to be made official by Netflix or the showrunner.