Simone Ledward Boseman talks about Chadwick Boseman's death with Whoopi Goldberg
by Ana Walia | Wed, 02 Nov 2022 14:33:04 GMT
Simone Ledward Boseman at the premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Image Source: CNN

Chadwick Boseman’s wife, Simone Ledward Boseman, gives her first interview since the actor’s sudden passing.

Simone Ledward Boseman spoke to Whoopi Goldberg during an episode of "Good Morning America," where she shared how she plans on keeping his legacy alive.

Simone said that it’s been one of the biggest challenges of her life before she went on to explain why Chadwick Boseman and his family decided to keep his four-year-long battle with colon cancer private. She said that it was "Covid," when things started to spiral for real, and that meant that everybody was in their houses and there was no pressure for anybody to go outside, and it seemed like a crazy coincidence for them that they get to be inside surrounded by the family.

She continued that everybody in the world was also experiencing togetherness amid this awful, scary, unpredictable time, and that is why they kept their circle real, adding that their circle was a dot. Chadwick Boseman’s wife admitted that some days are more difficult than others, and she considers herself lucky to have had Chadwick Boseman and his love in her life for the short period that she did. She also said that she cannot believe that she was so lucky that she got to love a person like Chadwick and that she also got them to love her too.

Chadwick Boseman and Simone Ledward met after the actor played James Brown in the 2014 movie "Get On Up," with the couple running into each other at a tribute concert in honor of the late singer at the Hollywood Bowl. The couple got married in 2020, just before the actor passed away, which was known to the world when the family released a statement announcing the tragic and sudden passing away of the actor.

Simone further explained that she met this wonderful man and then he ended up being a global superstar, and she added that after he starred as Black Panther/King T'Challa, his success kind of happened overnight. Whoopi Goldberg also spoke to Entertainment Tonight’s Rachel Smith at the New York City premiere of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, and the host said that Simone Ledward Boseman is a stunning woman, and she and Chadwick were really lucky to have found each other, adding that it’s wonderful.

Whoopi Goldberg also said that while she spoke to Simone Ledward Boseman, it was pretty evident that her husband’s passing was still fresh in her mind and that she found it difficult to talk about, but she also added that she was thrilled that Simone did not mind talking to her. During a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Simone Ledward Boseman shared that she cried when Ryan Coogler called her up and asked for her inputs for the sequel movie. She added that she thinks that he really has done a beautiful job of reflecting what the reality of grief is and about that it doesn’t leave but other things happen in the world and people can’t just lay down and stop the work. Ryan Coogler and Kevin Feige had announced that they will not re-cast the character of King T'Challa but they would rather pay homage to his legacy in a beautiful way. 

Simone Ledward Boseman accepting Emmy award on behalf of Chadwick Boseman. Image Source: 21 Ninety 

While Chadwick's role as King T'Challa in Black Panther catapulted him to fame and success, Simone told Goldberg that his legacy will live on beyond film, particularly at Howard University's Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts, where his scholarship fund is having an impact for young, aspiring actors. She stated that through the program, they are taking up the mantle that the Marvel film helped to create and carrying it to as many voices as they can. Simone was also present at the premiere of "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever," the sequel to the Black Panther film, where writer-director Ryan Coogler and co-stars Angela Bassett and Letitia Wright paid homage to the actor.

Simone accepted the Golden Globe Award for Chadwick's performance in his final film, Ma Rainey's Black Bottom, last year. During the acceptance speech, Simone said Chadwick would say something beautiful and inspiring that would go on to amplify the little voice inside of people that would tell them to keep going. Adding that his voice would tell the people that call them back to what they are meant to be doing at this moment.

She ended with a heartfelt message to her husband, "Honey, you keep them coming."

Simone Ledward Boseman's interview will air during 20/20 “Black Panther: In Search of Wakanda" on Nov. 4 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.