Six months after The Bachelor's season finale, Susie Evans and Clayton Echard announce separation
by Ana Walia | Sat, 24 Sep 2022 08:44:59 GMT
Susie Evans and Clayton Echard have called it quits. Image Source: Access Online 

Clayton Echard and Susie Evans call it quits.

The Bachelor couple Clayton Echard and Susie Evans have decided to go their separate ways after six months of unveiling their relationship at the season finale of The Bachelor. The couple announced their separation in a joint statement on social media.

They said in the statement that they were making the choice to part ways with "very heavy hearts" and that anyone who has ever loved will understand that it is a difficult decision to make and not one that should be taken lightly. The couple continued by stating that they are aware that their decision would likely be questioned frequently and that social media is merely a highlight reel of their experiences as a couple, which they are convinced the majority of people can comprehend.

The message went on to say that they wanted to emphasise how much laughter and joy they had shared in the previous year together, as well as how much agony they had experienced. No healthy relationship is without its challenges, according to Clayton and Susie, but they have come to the realisation that they were unprepared for the outside factors that impeded their capacity to both recover individually and as a pair. Both of them also stated that they are looking forward to concentrating on their ongoing effort on being the finest versions of themselves.

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Clayton and Susie added that this is not an easy time for either of them, but they stand in support of each other and hope to see the other one find happiness and healing. They mentioned that even though Claysie is no more, the couple hopes that their communities can continue to support them individually as they move forward with love and respect for each other. Clayton and Susie concluded their post by adding a thank you to everyone who had supported them and their relationship and mentioned that it means so much more than one could imagine.

The decision by Clayton Echard and Susie Evans to end their relationship comes after they had announced that they would be pursuing a long-distance relationship after living together for less than a year. Clayton appeared on Dear Media’s Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast where he explained that they did not know how long their long-distance relationship was going to be, but they knew that there was no pressure and stated that they just love each other and are thankful.

The Bachelor also said that the couple was happy right now and in a great spot, clarifying that they did have to go through some hardships as a couple as a result of some of his decisions on the show, but they went through it together and Clayton said that she had been on his side and that was the only reason why he could sit and talk about it with a positive mindset.

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The couple had revealed on the After the Final Rose episode that they had decided to pursue their relationship after the show wrapped up and Clayton said that he did not think it was going to happen, especially after how they had ended things on the show on a sour note, but he was hopeful. Clayton said that he was relieved when Susie reached out and was ready to have a conversation to rebuild what they had lost. The couple, after revealing that they had decided to give their love a chance, moved in together and said that they needed to take their relationship at their pace. After learning that Clayton Echard had shared intimate moments with the other two finalists, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, during the fantasy suites, Susie Evans left the competition but after she left, Clayton had realized that it was Susie she wanted to be with and they reconciled after the show wrapped up. The couple was forced to keep their romance private until the season finale of the show. 

Back in early April, a woman on TikTok had claimed that the Bachelor was intimate with her even though he was in a relationship with Susie Evans, and then Clayton Echard later denounced the rumors on Instagram as he asserted that those who make false accusations should be held accountable and that it is embarrassing and incredibly immature to try to gain influence by destroying a relationship.

People online are not shocked that Clayton Echard and Susie Evans broke up soon after The Bachelorette ended, and a few of them suggested that perhaps they held off on announcing in order to avoid overshadowing the girls; Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia

We wish the former couple all the best moving forward.