Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer revealed the truth of Policeman
by Susweta Bose | Wed, 08 Sep 2021 04:52:10 GMT
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Viewers were quite delighted to get a little sneak peek of the movie Spider-Man: No way home through the trailer. They waited eagerly for months, and at last, marvel studios telecasted the official clip in August 2021 at CinemaCon.

Although watching the tit-bits from the most hyped film was quite interesting, the little clip was no-good to suppress the assumptions and theories. Among many of the beliefs, the rumor of Charlie Cox's returning a Mad Murdock has been publicized a lot.

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This rumor got flared due to the trailer part where Peter Parker, the Spider-Man, is waiting in the query area of the police station. Investigators' hands in the scene resemble a lot like Matt Murdock, who works as a lawyer. Fans are guessing that he is there to assist Peter Parker in the litigation.

Matt has frequently refused the speculation, but finally, the reality got uncovered from the IMAX trailer. Charlie was right about not being in the film. During the premiere of Shang-Chi by Marvels, one of the viewers has given the correct dimension to the theory as most of the faces of interrogation can be noticed on the big screen.

Charlie swears that the hands shown in the movie are not his, and he was always right about his comments. However, Peter appeared handcuffed with the table because he was questioned about frightening London with lots of drones.

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But Peter Parker was not on the same page as policemen and defended himself in interrogation. Tom Holland as Peter Parker doesn't have to sit there for long after convincing officers to leave him as he had not committed the crime.

The spiderman trailer has become quite popular and everyone is pretty excited for what the movie is going to feature next. Besides, it looks like a lot of topsy-turvy is yet to be witnessed by the viewers. Spider man fans are already quite thrilled to see their favorite character return.

While we liked the trailer and can't wait for the movie, what about you?