Stars pay tribute to Stephen "tWitch" Boss. Read here.
by Ana Walia | Wed, 14 Dec 2022 19:03:12 GMT
Stephen 'tWitch' Boss and Ellen DeGeneres. Image Source: People 

Stars pay respects to Stephen 'tWitch' Boss after his untimely and unexpected passing away. 

American dancer, producer, and DJ Stephen "tWitch" Boss passed away at the age of 40 after his body was found at a Los Angeles hotel and a self-inflicted gunshot wound was discovered. According to reports, Stephen "tWitch" Boss has died from suicide, but an investigation confirming the cause of death is pending. Allison Holker Boss, Stephen "tWitch" Boss' wife, confirmed her husband's death.

Now, various celebrities who knew Stephen "tWitch" Boss are expressing their love for him in touching tributes. In his tribute, Questlove, a fellow musician, and friend said he has no sayings and simply wishes his family calmness throughout this difficult time. In his post, Questlove stated that anyone can find peace of mind in their everyday lives, contributing that each day is a twisty road and one never knows who is on the verge. He went on to say that many people find it difficult to process emotional responses and are uncertain how to come to terms with them.

Speaking of Stephen, Questlove stated that he was precisely the portrayal that everyone desired and that everyone is so proud to have him. He also stated that he was always having to check in whenever he saw that Questlove or his family were going through something and that Stephen every time offered help, and even sometimes gave it without even being asked. Finally, the musician stated that Stephen will be missed greatly and that he will be fiercely commemorated for years to come, and Questlove only wishes that Stephen understood exactly how deeply he was loved before he died. He wrote that he can't believe he's attempting to write this for Stephen, but the people who smile the brightest may also be the ones who suffer the most. #RIPStephenBoss and #RIPtWitch.

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He added that he will admit that yesterday was a shambles and that every relatively tiny incidence of Murphy's Law sent him spiraling, and that individuals should take moment out for themselves when they feel they are nearing a breakdown. (Questlove wrote that he knows the majority of us find it difficult with darker emotions like anger and sadness which are both healthy to express but troublesome when your remedy is to start figuring out how you can get rid of the feelings that don't feel good to you.) He indicated his message by guiding for people to take time out for themselves and to sit in silence, noting that time heals all wounds. Rest in peace, Melody Twitch."

Ellen DeGeneres wrote that she is heartbroken adding that "tWitch" was pure light and love. She said that he was her family, and she loved him with all her heart and she will miss him. Ellen also urged that people send their love and prayers to his wife Allison and his three beautiful children, Weslie, Maddox, and Zaia in such a difficult time. Another Ellen show producer, Jeannie Klisiewicz, took to her Instagram Stories to pay tribute. Jeannie wrote that however kind and good everyone thought he was, Stephen was even kinder than that and thanked him for being a beacon of light. Forever keeping his family and friends in her heart.

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Fox Entertainment, 19 Entertainment, and Dick Clark Productions told ET in a statement that they will forever remember Stephen "tWitch" Boss for both the light and joy he managed to bring into everybody's lives and hearts. The terribly sad, devastating loss of such a luminous, unparalleled talent and dear friend is indescribable beyond words, according to the statement, and they grieve alongside his family, loved ones, and fans. Twitch, everyone will miss you terribly.

Collaborator Paul Feig expressed his distress at the news, adding that Stephen was a marvelous, loving soul full of joy and positivity. Paul stated that he did work with him numerous times and that he was nothing less than amazing, saying that he is not aware and fails to understand what demons he was trying to deal with, but his heart really goes out to Alison.

Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who co-starred with Stephen in Magic Mike XXL, wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo of the couple smiling with Stephen and co-star Donald Glover, that she woke up today to the reports that tWitch was no longer alive. She expressed her condolences to his wife Allison and their children, Weslie, Maddox, and Zaia, as well as to every one of those he has left behind. They had a lot of fun on the set of Magic Mike, and he was so nice, gentle, and compassionate, according to Jada. The Red Table Talk host went on to say that many individuals suffer in silence, and she wishes he had known that he didn't have to come to the conclusion that his wonderful, shining soul rests in the arms of the Great Supreme, and may that same higher power heal the shattered hearts of his loved ones.

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Loni Love wrote that Stephen was a kind soul and a sweet person, and that is how she will remember him, adding that the clip she shared is from his 40th birthday and her heart goes out to his family, especially Allison and their three kids. Loni added that it was devastating and mentioned that she loves him and will miss him dearly.

Nigel Lythgoe, the creator and judge of SYTYCD, said in a statement to PEOPLE that he is deeply saddened and absolutely heartbroken at the moment, and he is at a loss to comprehend how someone so loved and insightful to so many people as Stephen could feel they are in such a dark place that they have no choice but to end their life. That is inconceivable to him with Twitch. What exactly were the demons he kept to himself? He was always vibrantly and full of life. Everyone he met adored him. Did he not have anyone to talk to who might help him work through some of his problems? "How tragic, how tragic."

He went on to say that mental health is a primary issue that is often hidden from the general public, and that the dance society will be in shock today, but also that his sincerest sympathies are extended to his wife, Allison, and their children. The creator noted that it is critical to recognize that mental health is a real issue that often goes unnoticed in our loved ones and as people go into this happy time of the year for so many of them, they must recognize that stress and dark emotions appear to be heightened in others.

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Tiffany Maher, another SYTYCD alum, told PEOPLE in a statement today that her heart is torn. Stephen "Twitch" was a shining beacon. He had a marvelous and empowering soul. She wants to consider oneself incredibly lucky to have known him. He will be recognized and greatly missed for the rest of his life adding that his wife Allison and their children are in her thoughts and prayers.

JoJo Siwa, who co-judged SYTYCD with Boss, wrote on Instagram that her heart is broken, adding that Twitch was a best friend and mentor to her and many others. She stated that she will never forget their time on SYTYCD; he was such a light in her life. Someone she has looked up to ever since she was born has turned to become one of her best friends, according to JoJo, and they have shared numerous chuckles, cheers, and sometimes even tears together. The co-judge noted that she knows that the dancer is in a good place now, but man, everybody here is going to miss the hell out of him and noted that she is sending her sincere thoughts and prayers to his lovely wife and three wonderful children.

JoJo expressed gratitude to Stephen for sharing his talent with the world, saying she is appreciatively adding that she hopes to see him again one day (an inside joke between us that I will never let go of). Dad, the world is going to dance indefinitely period. JoJo concluded that she adores him, brother. IP the legendary Stephen Twitch Bo, rest in peace.