Surprise! John Corbett and Bo Derek Wed Last Year:
by Eva Fernandez | Wed, 04 Aug 2021 17:42:10 GMT
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John Corbett Reveals He Married Bo Derek after 20 Years

Bo Derek and John Corbett secretly married last year. Actor, 60, confirmed that the couple had tied the knot over Christmas 2002. Although their friends and family knew the news, they never made it public until now.

John Corbett said on The Talk: "Around Christmas, we got married. Bo and I were married. We are very private people, so we didn't make any announcements. Our family and friends knew. We were all aware of the hectic situation.

John said, after twenty years, we decided to marry. We didn't want 2020 being something that everyone hates... let's take one positive out of it."John claimed that the secret to their successful relationship with the "10" star was that they had never been married.

He said, "Don't get married. Many of my friends and colleagues have had to divorce. It's a whole new thing. Enjoying being together is the key to happiness.

Bo also spoke out last year about the reasons they didn't tie the knot.

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She stated I think when you start a young family and have children, and then set up this family tree branch to continue the tradition of your family; it's clearly a wonderful commitment. It's meaningful. It hasn't yet been for us, however.

He is a constant source of laughter for me. He is full of life and joy. He attracted me, and I am still attracted to him. We continue to take things day by day, and I believe we are still there.

Derek said last year that "my gosh, we don't have typical" to Us magazine. We travel so our date nights are often where we meet up somewhere else. This could mean getting on a plane to see Corbett in London while he was filming. She explained that it's almost like every night is a date night when you are on vacation in a foreign country. London was stunning.

Fox News' Derek shared that another of their trips nearly included spontaneous nuptials..

One of Corbett's close friends set them up in 2002 to meet. The heartfelt roles he played in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Sex and the City were making people swoon, but he couldn't find Oscar's date. Derek had not been out with anyone since her husband John Derek's death in 1998. Corbett told TODAY that she was "very intimidated" by Derek. Luckily, Derek quickly took to Derek, and the two became inseparable.