Taylor Swift releases her all-new ten-minute long short film: All Too Well
by Jaskiran Kaur | Sat, 13 Nov 2021 14:08:27 GMT
Taylor Swift releases her all-new ten-minute long short film; Credits: Pink News

Shot on 35mm for her much-awaited 'All Too Well' album, Taylor Swift just released an all-new short film. Chilling and inspiring to its very core, the film preceded her 10-minute long version of a song.

The film has cast two of the most famously known actors that star in the most-watched teen TV series of this decade. Sadie Sink from Stranger Things and Dylan O'Brien from Teen Wolf pose as two star-crossed lovers in the moving tale by Taylor Swift. 

The short film begins by panning over the two lovers in bed, where Sink lays in awe of her boyfriend. The shot transits to a scene in upstate New York. The character of Sink lets her scarf trail behind from her fingers in the scene, and soon the two are found to be at a dinner party. The romance of the two young love birds depletes from these scenes onward as O'Brien's character tries impressing his friends at the party. 

Meanwhile, he leaves his girlfriend ignored and abandoned. Naturally, fueled by the disrespectful behavior of her boyfriend, his arrogance, and the complete dismissal of her feelings, Sink goes on to fight with O'Brien. The quarrel yields no result as O'Brien does not see his fault, and though quite displeased, Sink wants to stay together with her boyfriend despite being heartbroken. 

As things continue to stay bad between the two, O'Brien decides to call their relationship off. Sink is now shown to be sad and lonely. She attends parties alone and looks quite unhappy during her 21st birthday. On the other hand, O'Brien's life continues at a monotonous pace. He is shown to walk alone down Brooklyn street without many revelations into his mental health. 

After these shots are cut, the story of the two takes a leap thirteen years ahead into the future. The story begins as Sink's character is now shown to be played by  Taylor Swift. Complete with red hair to fit in with the character, the lady is shown to be at a bookstore. The place is jam-packed with people for Taylor's reading of her book All Too Well. The story might take after Swift's own heartbreaks from her early twenties. 

Cutting to another shot, viewers get to see a renewed perspective of O'Brien's character, now portrayed by Jake Lyon. The actor is shown standing outside the bookstore, looking through the window at the book reading party. Most notably, the character is seen wearing the red scarf that Sink's character, ( now Taylor Swift ) had abandoned long ago. 

Talking about the song with her beloved, small audience, Taylor Swift shared some insight into the song, "All Too Well." At the New York City premiere to celebrate the release of the 10-minute video, Swift held a get-together where only a 'hand-picked' audience was invited. Addressing the song, the singer said that the song 'belongs to us.' Us being the audience that made "All Too Well" the most loved piece of her writing in all these years. 

The premiere featured excited fans singing the lyrics to the song excitedly as the video was played for the audience. Soon, Taylor Swift was joined by the young actors featured in the short movie - Sadie Sink and Dylan O'Brien. The two shared how delighted they were to take part in such a production alongside the musical genius that Swift is. After the speech of the two actors, Taylor followed with a solo acoustic performance. 

O'Brien told Taylor while standing amidst the crowd, “Taylor, you are a genius and the most beautiful person of all time. I’m still recovering.” The lovely tribute was followed by Taylor performing an acoustic rendition of her song "All Too Well," the whole ten minutes of it. The performance marked the first time that Taylor performed the song to a live audience ever. The singer and musician will also perform the song on Saturday Night Live this Saturday. 

All Too Well was first released for her fans in 2012 in the album famously remembered as Red. The singer has now started a giant undertaking to re-record her previous works so as to reclaim her original works. The ten-minute version of the original song has been in talks for a long time and now is available along with the original album. The song's extended version now features quite a lot of snarky comments about her relationship that had first inspired Taylor to write the song. 

The song debuts some remarkably notable lyrics about Taylor's age gap in the specific relationship that she mentions in the song. The singer was about 21 years old when she wrote this song and talks about a much older partner than she was. Apparently, the rumors state that the song could be about Jake Gyllenhaal, who was 30 at the time when he was linked with Taylor Swift. 

Taylor Swift held a premiere for her short film with Sadie Sink and O'Brien; Credits: NME

Just like the short film's video, the unlikely couple was seen strolling the streets of Brooklyn. Taylor was 20, going to be 21, at the time. Though both of them have not talked about the song pertaining to a specific partner, fans have always connected the lyrics with Jake Gyllenhaal. Some also continue to say that the album Red was majorly written about that specific past relationship.