The art of horror comedy with The Baby and early motherhood struggles
by Jaskiran Kaur | Sat, 23 Apr 2022 18:01:28 GMT
The Baby focuses on the horrors of forced motherhood and the relative struggles; Credits: HBO

Babies are known to be cute, but only if they spare you the horrors of early parenthood. Early motherhood is an extremely demanding time with a new child wailing at the top of its lungs the entire day and more. 

Cinema has portrayed the struggles of mothers more than a few times now, yet there are always new ways for the topic to be discussed. HBO tapped into a new genre when exploring the dynamics of new parenthood and now children are synonymous with Horror!

The Baby is the latest series produced by the studio that focuses on the certain terrors that are included when raising a child. The little monsters though do nothing, make a lot of mess beginning from their food, their consistent wailing and screaming, and of course, with the diaper changes. Not much when put into words, but it is enough to keep a parent hectically busy the entire day. 

Of course, while it is not polite to say, parents do wish to get rid of their children once in a while each day. The baby deals with just such incidents when parents begin hallucinating fantasies where they are killing off their babies. Totally evil and criminal to think about, it is only fair that things get a little sinister in a horror film. 

The horror-comedy show by HBO combines the horror genre with comedy and hilariously expands on the terrifying concept of motherhood, which is compared to a certain hell. The film soon turns into a dreadful experience as it becomes obviously clear that the sole purpose of The Baby is to shut out the parent from the rest of the world and become the single overlord over their life. 

The unique concept was brought forward by creators Lucy Gaymer and Sian Robins-Grace. The story explores the struggles of Natasha, played by Michelle de Swarte, a single lady at 38 years old. 

The British limited series shows the young woman totally fed up with her friends being sucked into the baby world, who are now parents first and individual people later. 

Things take a dire turn when another friend of Natasha's group announces her pregnancy. Totally fed up Natasha decided to clear her head in a remote cabin alongside the beach only to find herself with a child. The baby is played by Albie Pascal Hills and Arthur Levi Hills. 

The lady tries every way to get rid of the child only to find that the baby is going to stick despite her many failed attempts at throwing away the baby. The baby has clearly come to like Natasha it seems. The horror is that the little ball of innocence is not particularly innocent and can just do away with anything to get back to Natasha. 

Natasha can be seen to be under immense pressure and going through an inexplicable struggle as she has to take care of the child in a forced motherhood situation. Yet, the child seems to enjoy this very fact and uses it to draw both comedy and horror in the limited series. 

The most sticking of messages shown in the series has to be the utter pain inflicted on people due to the rules of forced motherhood. Though it is cute to see a baby who could be so funny and clinging to a person who despises motherhood, there is a certain fear in terms of how ugly it could be to force parenthood on someone. 

While children can be cute, endearing, and lovely, people do not simply come to like parenthood just because babies have these qualities. It is not only traumatizing to be forcefully prevailed upon to take care of children but might also take all joy out of the child's life in the future as parents come to hate them in some circumstances, with extreme evil never out of reach. 

Things become even more difficult for Natasha as she confides in the help of Mrs. Eaves, played by Amira Ghazala, and asks her to help her get rid of the child. However, a single answer is not possible as the baby does want to stay with Natasha and could go to extreme lengths to get what it wants. 

The whole mess puts Natasha in a place where she has to confront all of her broken relationships. First, she gets to talk with her younger sister Bobbi, played by Amber Grappy. While their relationship wasn't great earlier, Bobbi really wants a baby very badly. So it looks like things could get better for Natasha. 

Then there is Natasha's mother, but they have not been communicating for a long time now. Her mother, Barbara, is played by Sinead Cusack, who had left the family some 15 years ago. 

The film has a certain ludicrous touch to it, considering that a very cute child is given the role of the monster in the horror comedy. Yet, it is amazing to see how the team must have handled the Hills twins for their lengthy role on the show. 

It is also appreciable that the child is made to look very endearing, clearly hitting the mark that even the most adorable child could be far away from bringing happiness and joy into a mother's life and could actually be the cause of distress. 

The implication is pretty clear for anyone watching: Babies can be dangerous.