The Bachelorette Nation mourns the untimely death of Clint Arlis
by Jaskiran Kaur | Mon, 17 Jan 2022 16:43:44 GMT
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The Bachelor Nation has been collectively thrown into turmoil with the sudden death of Clint Arlis. The wrestler had earned his fair share of fame after he appeared on season 11 of The Bachelorette. He died at the age of 34. 

The news was first made public by Clint Arlis' high school wrestling coach. He shared a tweet on January 14, stating that Clint Arlis had passed away. 

“It is with a heavy heart and a sense of profound loss that we announce the death of one of the Batavia Wrestling Program’s All-Time greats, 2005 graduate, Clint Arlis,” wrote Coach Bayer. “Clint was the beloved son of Coach Tom Arlis and his wife, Jamie, protective, loving older brother of his sister, Taylor, and the boyhood idol and best friend of his kid brother, Coach Logan Arlis.”

He continued: “His legacies as a fierce competitor, tireless worker, a caring influence to younger Batavia wrestlers, a devoted friend, and a loving son and brother will resonate far beyond his days in our presence. On behalf of all of us in the Batavia Wrestling Family, we send our deepest and most sincere condolences to the Arlis Family during this period (of) unimaginable heartbreak and grief. To the Arlis Family, we loved Clint. We love you.”

Soon, Arlis' sister Taylor also shared the news on her Facebook page. Confirming the announcement by Arlis' coach, the sister wrote, “It is with great sadness to tell you that my family has lost my best friend and older brother Clint on the morning of January 11th.” “Please respect our family’s privacy as we try to cope with this great loss. Details on the service will follow. Thank You," she added. 

Arlis had first become a famous personality via the reality TV dating show The Bachelorette. He competed on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season back in 2015 and was eliminated in the third week of the show. However, he found a lifelong friend on the show, JJ Lane. 

Kaitlyn Bristowe also shared how surprised and saddened she was by the news. She wrote on her Instagram story post on January 14, “This is an Instagram Story I did not think I’d be doing tonight." “Clint, who was on my season of The Bachelorette, I’m gonna say tragically, he’s tragically passed. 34 years old. I’m not sure what happened, how it happened,” continued the star. 

"Even though things didn't end on the best terms for us, from his time on the show to today, I have heard nothing but incredible things about that person. From his peers, his students, his coaches, his teachers, his friends, his family, Clint was very well respected in his world,” said Bristowe. The Bachelorette seemed to be pretty hurt with the turn of events as she wrote, “This Instagram Story is literally to just say to anyone who knows him who might follow me that I am so sorry. It's such a huge loss, and I'm honestly just beside myself with this news."

After Bristowe posted her tribute, other stars from the Bachelor Nation joined and shared their condolences with the Arlis family. 

“Clint had such a great sense of humor and was remarkably witty. I remember specifically trying to make him laugh on our first night because I wanted him to like me,” shared Ryan McDill with Us Weekly. “He had that effect on people. We kept in touch over the years here and there. This is very tragic, and my heart goes out to the Arlis family.”

Ryan Beckett shared that the entire Bachelor Nation was too stunned by the news. He told Us Weekly, “He was one of those people that was an alpha and could wrong people the wrong way, but you could tell he had a huge heart.” “Insane artist too," he added.

The star elaborated, "I only got half of my season in the mansion to get to know Clint. He seemed to me to be an alpha that was purely focused on getting the girl, no matter who got in his way, to his credit.” “That said, you could tell he had a huge heart inside. In addition, he blew us all away on how beautiful of an artist he was. He made a gift for Kaitlyn during the show that none of could compete with. This news traveled through our season’s cast, and it shook us. We all have an unusual bond that stays with us for life, and he will be forever missed," added Beckett. "Condolences to Bachelor nation and his family."

"Hearing the news of Clint is devastating, obviously because he was a friend, but also because of the age we lost him — really makes you self-reflect on things going on in your own life,” said Ben Zorn from the Bachelorette season 11. “My condolences go out to his family, friends, and everyone he coached. He will be missed."

Nick Viall shared that he believes Clint Aris was "taken from this world far too soon." He shared a tweet, saying, “Just heard about the passing of Clint Arlis. I got a chance to get know Clint a little after our time on Kaitlyn's season, and I always enjoy our time and conversations." " RIP Clint,” said Viall.