The Bachelorette's Erich Schwer gets exposed by ex-girlfriend Amanda Kaylor
by Ana Walia | Fri, 16 Sep 2022 21:04:49 GMT
Erich Schwer is Gabby Windey's only suitor left.Image Source: The Nerd Stash 

Erich Schwer is once again caught in a tough spot. Thanks to ex-girlfriend Amanda Kaylor. 

On Wednesday, an account @Bachelornation.scoop shared a couple of screenshots on social media which consisted of the number of text exchange between Erich Schwer and his ex-girlfriend Amanda Kaylor from March 2022, which was before Erich had left to film the reality show, The Bachelorette which had two co-leads this season, Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia

According to Reality Steve, who spoke to Amanda Kaylor via phone, shared that Amanda and Erich met on a dating app, Hinge and dated from January to March until Erich informed her that he was going to the Bachelorette. The screenshot shared online shows that he texted her on March 10th saying that he knew it was not a big deal but he wanted to do this to see if there was something else he could do with his life, and he said that he liked her before adding that he did not think that it would be a big deal but he understood how she felt and apologized to her and mentioned that he would understand if she would not like to see him anymore.

Amanda Kaylor, in response, had replied to Erich how could he expect her to continue dating him while he goes on a reality show to ‘find love'. Erich replied by saying that it is not real, but she is right and apologized again for not thinking it all through after which Amanda replied back asking him that he is ready to leave something real for something fake. He added that he had not realized the implication of it and said that he thought that they could get on the same page about this. Erich wrote that he did not mean to hurt her with his actions. 

Further, in texts, Erich Schwer shared with Amanda Kaylor that he was miserable as he felt stuck in his career path, which is why he wanted the change and the reason he signed up for The Bachelorette. On March 22, before he left to film the show, Erich sent flowers to his ex-girlfriend to make her smile, which included a note that read that he would never stop thinking about her.

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Erich did not contact his ex-girlfriend until July, the same month when The Bachelorette premiered, and wrote a text stating that he was apologetic for what he had done and said that he does not expect her to forgive him ever, but he just wants her to know that he thinks about her all the time and she deserves the best. In his text, Erich wrote that he won’t ever forgive himself and wishes that Amanda would find happiness and everything she deserves. Amanda, on the other hand, was unimpressed by his apology and believed Erich attempted to protect himself from any potential damage to his newly acquired notoriety and reputation.

The New Jersey native is Gabby Windey’s only remaining suitor, with fans waiting for Tuesday, September 20, the finale to find out if the couple got engaged, if they are still together or what did Gabby decide to do. Amanda Kaylor said that she just wanted to shed some light on who Erich Schwer is ahead of the finale episode of The Bachelorette and After the Final Rose episode. She shared a post in which she detailed their relationship and how much Erich was into her and said that she does not think that Erich had any good intentions while going on the show and she does not believe that anything would have changed by now. He needed clout, he got it and she added that she hopes that he would never hurt anyone with his actions anymore. 

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Erich Schwer has not yet responded to the incident, but last week he spoke about the criticism he got after a photo of him in blackface that had been missing from his high school yearbook reappeared. He expressed his sincere regret for the offensive high school yearbook photo of him wearing blackface that has been making the rounds. He was only showing ignorance with what he believed to be a symbol of his love for Jimi Hendrix at the time. Erich claimed that he will always regret his hurtful and detrimental behavior and that he was oblivious of the effects of it on the black community and people close to him. The native of New Jersey expressed his genuine regret for his behavior and his awareness that accepting responsibility requires more than just an apology. He was wearing an Afro wig, a vibrant blouse, and dark facial paint in the image of him that went viral.

The season finale of "The Bachelorette" airs Tuesday, Sept. 20 on ABC.