The Bachelorette's Rachel Recchia talks about moving on after Tino Franco's infidelity
by Ana Walia | Thu, 22 Sep 2022 20:46:06 GMT
Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco. Image Source: Sidyak 

After a heartbreaking revelation in the After the Final Rose episode, Rachel Recchia is looking forward to moving on with her life but still believes in love.

Rachel Recchia recently spoke to People magazine where she talked about the heartbreaking revelation of her fiancé, Tino Franco, cheating on her after the show wrapped up and said that it was hard, but now she is looking forward to what the future holds for her.

The reality star said that she hopes that she and Tino can get to a point where they are at peace, but she would very much like to move on from that part of her life. She clarified that she still very much believes in love and she knows that it’s going to come for her when it’s ready, but at the very moment, she is looking forward to having some time by herself and being able to reflect on everything and move forward.

Tino Franco, after his confession, had hoped that the duo would be able to move forward, but Rachel Recchia said that she knew that she couldn’t be with someone who she couldn't trust. She explained that when she sat down with him, he was not taking responsibility for his actions or was even remorseful for what he did, but he was still hitting her with lie after lie and she just did not know if she could continue a relationship in which she did not feel like there was trust. Rachel said it was not what she deserved.

Rachel detailed in the interview that when Tino Franco started bringing up the allegations against other members of the season and concerns over the leaked messages over the summer, she could not figure out why he was doing it. She just wanted to talk to him and know what had happened in previous relationships. When she asked him whether there was something he needed to tell her, Tino replied no, but later called her up and she got to know the details of some infidelity. Rachel said that it was not something that Tino felt that she should know by any means, but it was her who had to get it out of him.

The Bachelorette star said that the couple had hit a rough patch and she asked for some space, but by no means did she ever point out that they were calling it off, the relationship or the engagement, or anything that would show that she was not committed to him or them in her mind. She said no conversation stated that in any case. Tino Franco eventually owned up to cheating on her during the break, but Rachel believes that the details of the infidelity were and still are kept from her stating that she feels like she does not have the facts right. She said that she had understood that their relationship would face some challenges, but she said that she had expected to have him by her side while facing them.

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Rachel said that when she accepted the ring, she meant it forever and for her, it meant navigating this together, but they broke at the first crack in the glass, essentially, and said that there is no other way to look back at it other than hoping that she could simply move forward. During the interview, Rachel went on to praise Gabby Windey, who was by her side when she found out about Tino, and Rachel said that Gabby was honestly a godsend for her as she leaned on her shoulder for support.

Rachel said she cannot thank her enough for being there for her and she is so thankful for her and mentioned that the two of them came into this together and she came out with her. Rachel said that she didn't walk out with the love story that she had necessarily hoped for, but that doesn't mean that she is not walking out with all the love in the world at the end of the day. She also mentioned a special thank you for the host Jesse Palmer. 

Rachel and Tino came face-to-face in the After Final Rose episode, where Tino said to her that he was apologetic that it took him so long to tell her that he was sorry that the meet-up came off like he was trying to blame what he did on her. Rachel said to him that it was the exact conversation that they had on the couch and some things were edited out that they knew had happened that they talked about and that maybe had led to their being in a bad place.

Tino said to Rachel that what he did was wrong and she deserved better, and he was sorry after she had admitted that she couldn’t wear her ring without letting his insecurities take over and causing him to stray. Rachel added that he had shattered everything and broken her heart. Just after Tino Franco left, Rachel Recchia’s ex-Aven Jones appeared and asked her out, saying that he was wondering if she would like to get out and catch up, which she happily agreed to.

Rachel said that the duo went outside to talk without the microphones on and Aven just wanted to support her through this hard time. He has been so incredible. When asked if they were on a romantic date or something, Rachel said that they did go out on a romantic date but who knows? Sources have shared that the duo is just seeing where the possible connection could go but nothing can be said as of now.