The Best Thanksgiving episodes to watch this Turkey Day
by Jaskiran Kaur | Fri, 26 Nov 2021 14:22:55 GMT
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Thanksgiving has finally arrived! 

There is nothing better than stuffing up yourself with the Turkey Day dinner, gouging on mashed potato dishes, cranberry sauce, and a healthy serving of turkey on the day. And then, lounge on the overstuffed couch with your family members as you watch the re-premiere of Thanksgiving episodes from some epic cinema. 

So, now that you are ready to chill in the coming winter's holiday season, snuggle close with your loved ones as you binge watch some nostalgic cinema. Read on further to get a list of legendary Thanksgiving episodes for a trip down memory lane!

Friends: The One With All the Thanksgivings

Monica wears a turkey to cheer up Chandler on Thanksgiving; Credits: Vogue

Episode 8 from season 5

It is no secret that the characters of Friends do not have a special liking for Thanksgiving, and mostly, something bad ends up happening in the festive episode. This one epic season begins with Ross whining about his life, his failed marriages, and the Thanksgiving dinner. Then the characters begin talking about their Thanksgiving celebrations from the past beginning with Monica who reveals that she had heard Chandler calling her fat. 

Taking the remark to her heart, Monica went on an incredible weight loss journey stunning Chandler during the next year's Thanksgiving dinner. But as she tries flirting with him the following year, she accidentally drops her knife on his toe, cutting it off. All the thanksgiving flashbacks pull Chandler into a bad mood when Monica takes to put a turkey on her head with huge sunglasses, and a fez and then proceeds to do a ludicrous dance. Chandler ends up laughing and accidentally says 'I Love You' to Monica. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Pangs”

Buffy sets up an elaborate Thanksgiving dinner; Credits: Buffy Spirit

Episode 8 from season 4

A bit on the side of the sadder tone of things, still, Buffy the Vampire Slayer's episode 'Pangs' will make you want to watch the whole series again. Like every main character of a series, Buffy is hell-bent on creating the perfect Thanksgiving experience. Unknown to her, Angel has finally returned to Sunnydale and has taken over his task of following her and keeping her safe. 

On the other hand, there is Spike, tied to a chair, and spends the festive occasion starving as others gorge on the holiday feast. If you end up wanting to watch what happens next, tune in to watch Angel's episode 'I Will Remember You.' The follow-up episode in the spinoff shows Buffy visiting Angel in New York and the consecutive events. 

Boy Meets World: “Turkey Day”

Episode 10 from season 4

The Turkey Day could not have been more awkward for the Hunters and the Matthews ever as on the one legendary episode on the show. The day begins with the usual buzz of the festive celebrations as the Hunters and the Matthews gather around the dining table for the Thanksgiving feast. Forced to endure the company of each other, it only takes a few moments for everyone to realize that the two just can not go together for long. They have little to talk with each other and nothing common for them to bond over. 

Fortunately enough, Shawn and Cory mediate between the parents trying to smoothen out their differences. The kids make their parents realize that they are a family that always greets people with open arms and hearts no matter where they come from. Hence, the parents end up liking each other in the end!

How I Met Your Mother: “Slapsgiving”

Barney received The Slap from Marshall on Slapsgiving; Credits: Thrillist

Episode 9 from Season 3

The ‘Slapsgiving’ is one of the most hilarious Thanksgiving episodes you will ever come across. The episode starts with the tradition of 'slapsgiving' where Marshall owes a slap to Barney. lily is her usual cheerful self, trying to make the best out of the festive season as he frets to have a great Thanksgiving dinner for the friends. On the other hand, Barney is extremely stressed about the one imminent slap that will be bestowed on him by Marshall. Barney continues to duck and hide, afraid of the slap, but Marshall finally slaps him and immediately breaks into the song "You Just Got Slapped." The catchy tune is sure to stay in your head for a while!

Gossip Girl: “Blair Waldorf Must Pie”

Episode 9 from Season 1

Remember when everyone would huddle together to watch Gossip Girl? Such nostalgic times, right? Well, you can create all those feelings once again by gathering on the couch with your siblings and binge-watching Gossip Girl. But because it is Thanksgiving, start with the 'Blair Waldorf Must Pie' and get to see Serena meet Dan for the first time once again. The episode features flashbacks as a drunk Serena is almost about to hit a cab and then meets Dan for the first time on Turkey Day. 

The episode shows Blair enjoying the holiday with both her parents, her best friend, and her boyfriend Nate. The friends end their day with an epic water fight and the day draws to a conclusion on a happy and memorable note. 

Friends: “The One With the Rumor”

Brad Pitt appears on Friends as Will on Thanksgiving; Credits: USA Today

Episode 9 from season 8

Brad Pitt was on the rise of his career when he got to feature on the one legendary Thanksgiving episode on the American comedy sitcom, Friends. The episode still remains to be a fan favorite around the globe and there is nothing cozier than seeing the actor in his young charm accompanied by the distinctively funny personalities of the lead characters on Friends. 

The episode begins with Ross bringing over Will, played by Brad Pitt, to Monica's Thanksgiving dinner. Both Monica and Rachel are stunned by Will's transformation from his high school years when he was an overweight student. Both Ross and Will reveal that they had a bone to grind with Rachel in high school, as Rachel was the popular, perfect, rich student and they were more of outcasts. Hence, they started "The I Hate Rachel Green Club" and worked to spread rumors about her. One of their many rumors was that Rachel Green was a hermaphrodite. 

The funniest of it all has to Phoebe developing a crush on Will despite his very problematic past revelations!