The Eternals Star Harish Patel On His Character's Decades-Old Friendship with Kumail Nanjinai’s Kingo In The Film
by Meenakshi | Wed, 24 Nov 2021 09:53:28 GMT
Image Source: Free Press Journal, The New Indian Express

Harish Patel reflects on his character Karun’s friendship with Kumail Nanjiani’s hero Kingo that goes beyond what the fans did get to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s latest addition The Eternals, which focuses on ten god-like beings known as Eternals, created by Marvel’s version of God, Celestials to protect the universe against the rising threat of creatures like Deviants, which is what the superhero epic really tries to explore.

"It is there. The relationship, the kind of camaraderie that Kingo and Karun have. Kingo has told him everything about the Eternals. It is there in the script, and I actually read scripts maybe a hundred times in total, because I find everything there in the script itself. It was clear that Kingo had actually told him everything about the Eternals, and he knows about it and he knows that he is an Eternal," Patel told The Direct during a recent conversation in an interview while discussing the blockbuster film, explaining that even though the audiences didn’t get to see the decades-old off-screen friendship between Karun and Kingo in the movie, it exists in a major way as Kingo was actually the one in the plot of the Marvel film who told Karun about who Eternals are and what is their history.

"[Even before he meets them], Karun knows that Eternals are very loving people. They are very caring, loving, and normal like human beings," Patel added, elaborating that the fact that Karun knew Eternals and how loving and caring people they are, even before meeting them reveals that the character has had some insights about them.

He continued, further explaining that a prominent aspect of his relationship with Nanjiani’s Kingo included his expertise in calming down the Marvel superhero whenever “he'll be moody,” which sadly couldn’t make into the current cut of the movie. "Throughout in the 50 years I am with [Kingo], I know my job of what to do. He's the movie star and film actor and all. He'll be moody. I know how to handle him. Being polite with him, calming him down, always ready with anything for him."

"Kumail has said that he couldn't dance and he was very hesitant about dancing. As Karun, I was even ready to replace him and dance instead of him. Karun was ready to replace him and dance instead of him. That's the kind of relationship they both have," Patel concluded, that while Kumail Nanjiani was hesitant and uncertain of his Bollywood dancing skills, the actor said that he was at any point of time ready to replace him and dance instead of him.

Despite the poor response on the lack of proper screen time to all characters of the film and other issues, Oscar-winning filmmaker Chloe Zhao helmed The Eternals definitely stands out at building relationships between various characters involved in the superhit film, which has managed to hit the $300 million mark at the box office around the world after almost two weeks of its release in theatres, even though it doesn’t seem too much for a Marvel as the studio even with several of poorly directed films was still able to earn at least double of this previously, but keeping in mind the kind of impact the Coronavirus Pandemic has left on the larger film industry, it sounds reasonable.