The latest information on Fear the Walking Dead
by Jaskiran Kaur | Sat, 16 Apr 2022 18:13:52 GMT
Fear The Walking Dead stars Alycia Debnam-Carey, Alexa Nisenson & Omid Abtahi in season 7; Credits: Screen Rant

Fear The Walking Dead has entered its seventh season and will be returning to screens after a long break. The series stars Alycia Debnam-Carey, Alexa Nisenson, and Omid Abtahi. 

The show has been on hiatus for a while now but will be making a comeback featuring the many tales of the people on the show and their relationship dynamics with Victor Strand, played by Coleman Domingo. The character is also supposed to influence the series in the coming episodes. 

The OP series The Walking Dead is however coming to an end this year. Yet, Fear The Walking Dead will go on as it enters another successful season next year. 

The seventh season will show Alicia Clark, played by Alycia Debnam-Carey,  in her revenge journey against Strand after he broke his promise of providing relief to her community with his armada. Strand stands strong with the force of his strong allies with him like Howard, played by Omid Abtahi. 

Alexa Nisenson will reprise her full-time role as Charlie and will make an appearance by the second half of the season. She will luckily survive the nuclear blast Teddy will set off. Teddy is played by John Glover. 

It almost looks like Alicia Clark and Strand would never make their peace again. The two have had an interesting relationship through the times of Fear The Walking Dead and have known each other for a long time now. Hence, they are kind of familiar with who they both are at their core.

Alicia knew that Strand was a con man from the beginning and that there was no substance when it came to putting her trust in him. He has been great at manipulation and has always had the uncanny ability to make things work the way he wanted. 

Both admirable and formidable, Strand would do just about anything to survive. Of course, the ability and sheer will have helped him stay alive in a zombie apocalypse. 

Now, Alicia has finally started seeing Strand as he truly is instead of the brief bond they shared and the relationship that they lived through these many years. While she was not in the know of his manipulation, being on the receiving end of his manipulation has made her realize how deep his treachery runs. 

It's not only her who will be facing the brunt of the danger that his selfishness has put her in, but her family, community, and people will also have to fight their way through the danger he brings. It will finally make her realize that Strand is a person she would not like to be with. 

He is completely devoid of ethics and has no grounds for a moral bearing. Not only will she see him as a different person but also as someone who is not worthy. 

There was some minimum hope for those two, especially when around Madison and Nick. There was something that would have lured her to think that he was a person capable of growth and change, but seeing him as he truly is was definitely a setback for their relationship. 

There is not much that would allow her to forgive him. Especially after his last betrayal. 

The characters of Alexa and Omid are still one step too behind to see how Strand really is. Charlie is extremely conscious of all the happenings in her vicinity and has found the intuition where she could guess what truly is going on in the other person's mind. 

She has found different ways to connect with other characters on the show which makes for a different narrative for her part. She and Strand have definitely grown a great relationship dynamic during their time together, but Charlie has always known what lies at his heart. 

She is impressively resilient when it comes to being aware of things and still putting on a brave front. However, she has decided to not put a lot on her plate and take everything as it comes. 

Omid Abtahi also explained the motivations behind his character Howard and how he will fare with Strand in the coming days. The actor shared that he has been trying to figure out the motivations for Howard since he got the script for the show and as the season moves towards its second season, his reasons become apparent. 

He has started fighting back when it comes to Strand and has learned to use his power to safeguard himself, and especially his people. The need of the time is to see civilization thrive and he has been working on that. 

If he sees anything challenging the safety of his people, he is most probably to take up arms against it. Of course, there is something that he sees in Strand which resonates with him. While they do not operate on a similar thought process, he would use any reprieve found from Strand for his own benefit. 

Sharing the most difficult scenes they had to shoot this season, Alyia explained that for it was the scene where she had to cut off her own arm in a tunnel. It was difficult to work around the machinery for the shoots around the small space of a tunnel and they had to go around it multiple times to make things work. 

The scene took a lot of effort on her part and asking to be complicit even for a second shot was extremely difficult to carry on. Yet, she had to continue as many times as required to make it perfect despite the intensity and the difficulty of the logistics of the entire scene. 

It was also difficult for the character itself. Alicia was facing a very hard time and as an actor, Alycia had to contend with the movie props and also the entire setup, and the special effect tools that would help shoot the arm cutting scene. 

Being in a small space also meant that there were not enough people around to help with all the things she had to accomplish in the scene. Entirely being in control and making it work out is not simple when shooting episodes at the end. 

The season premiered on April 17.