The latest recipients of the Television Academy Awards
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 28 Apr 2022 19:02:09 GMT
Dopesick, Reservation Dogs and It's a Sin won the prestigious honor; Credits: Variety

The Television Academy honors are coming back for the 15th event of its names and will star “Insecure,” “Reservation Dogs,” along with the limited series “Dopesick” and “It’s a Sin,” as some of the seven shows that are to be recognized at the event. 

The award ceremony by the Television Academy aims at honoring phenomenal additions to the cinema experience. It also recognizes the immense hard work put behind these television productions by the producers and is hence moving forward towards bringing about admirable social change. 

The honor recipients of this year's 15th Television Academy Awards include Black and Missing and Taste the Nation: Holiday Edition in the category of Documentary or nonfiction series. The documentary special feature of the year honor goes to The Year Earth Changed, a 45 min documentary that aims on shedding light on the lockdown and the climate changes that the pandemic brought along with it. 

The Television Academy awards aim to focus on many topics of present conversations when selecting the honorees to be recognized in the event. The major topics of conversation in the past few years have been racism, addiction, COVID-19 and the global pandemic, law and enforcement, and AIDS. 

Also important to mention is how these topics have influenced the world around us. There also has been a rise in conversations when it comes to the Native American representation in American cinema and civil life, immigration laws, impact on nature, the rising challenges faced by Black women, and the terrible hate crimes against the Asian American community. 

The CEO and chairman of the Television Academy, Frank Scherma, recently talked about the vision of the awards and why it is important to appreciate television productions that have a bigger vision. 

He shared that television has been revolutionizing and educating the audiences around the world, especially in these past few years as people have turned towards their home screens instead of cinema halls. The seven exceptional Television productions that the Academy has honored helped bring many social issues into the limelight, advocated for a good cause, and educate people about why it is important to pay attention to these problems. 

The shows have reached a vast number of audiences around the world, facilitating change and provoking thoughts that could show an appreciable change in how these topics are handled in the near future. The Television Academy CEO shared that they are honored and pleased to recognize these remarkable television shows that aim at social reform and change. 

Two HBO productions, Insecure and Black and Missing, made it to the list of the honor receivers along with one HBO Macx production, It's a Sin. Hulu also receives two honors to its name, including Dopesick and Taste the Nation: Holiday Edition.  

One FX series has also made the mark with Reservation Dogs along with one Apple TV Plus series, The Year Earth Changed, which also received an honorary mention. 

The selection committee for choosing the recipients of the Television Academy Honors was led by Jill Sanford. Sanford is the governor of the Children's Programming peer group at the Academy. Others to influence the decision included Bryan Leder, governor for the Professional Representatives peer group, and Kim Coleman, C.S.A., who serves as the governor for the casting director Peer Group. They served as the vice-chairs of the Academy. 

Sanford also shared his happiness of getting to present awards to these excellent television programs. He shared that The Academy Honors committee receives immense pleasure in having received a vast amount of submissions these years. 

All the programs were exceedingly brilliant in their portrayal and talked about the immediate issues that require global attention in the present times. Innovative and unorthodox, these productions employed narration that could help change the world and the television industry. 

The CEO appreciated the pains the television productions put into creating these visionary pieces. He also mentioned that these television programs can help voice the voiceless and also bring a higher amount of social awareness to these topics. 

Here is the complete list of the Television programs honored by the Honors selection committee this year. It also includes the special three programs that received critical attention. 

“Fauci” (National Geographic), 

“Maid” (Netflix), and 

“Tulsa Burning: The 1921 Race Massacre” (History Channel).

The mentioned series will receive their accolades when the Television Academy event is held later this year in the summers. 

The complete list of the recipients of the 15th Academy Honors:-

“Insecure” - an HBO production in collaboration with Hoorae Productions, and A Penny for Your Thoughts Entertainment along with 3 Arts Entertainment — HBO/HBO Max

“Dopesick” - Hulu production under the Danny Strong Productions, brought forward by John Goldwyn Productions, The Littlefield Company, and 20th Television — Hulu

“Black and Missing” - an HBO Documentary Film is in collaboration with SO’B Productions — HBO/HBO Max

“It’s a Sin” - another HBO Max in presentation with a Red Production Company production along with Channel 4 Television —HBO/HBO Max

“Reservation Dogs” an FX Productions series — FX Networks

“Taste the Nation: Holiday Edition” by Hulu, Part 2 Pictures, and Delicious Entertainment — Hulu

The Year Earth Changed from BBC Studios Natural History Unit and Apple —Apple TV+