The making of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, starring Rebecca Romijn
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 26 Apr 2022 18:03:34 GMT
Star Trek Strange New World stars Rebecca Romjin; Credits: Daily Star Trek News

Rebecca Romijn is amongst the stars this time with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Romijn plays Number One in the series, a role she previously played in Star Trek: Discovery 2. 

The role was first meant to be played by Majel Barett in the Star Trek pilot "The Cage", a failed film project from the 1960s. Number One is a calm and contained character and was originally shown to be the First Officer of the Starship Enterprise. 

Now Romijn will get to steer the ship and the character and will star along with the similarly iconic character Captain Christopher Pike, who is played by Anson Mount. They will be joined on the screens by Lt. Spock, played by Ethan Peck as they all come together for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. 

The actress recently had a chat with Screen Rant where she talked about her character Number One, what the character's real name is instead of the ominous metric identification, and the secrets of her character that she will bring on aboard Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The actress also talked about her characters in X-Men and Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Romijn explained that Number One is the designation given to every First Officer as per the military ranks. Yet the real name of the character portrayed by her is Una Chin-Riley, a secret that the Star Trek universe kept hidden for the past 56 years. 

Hence, considering the military ranking system of the magical world, Number One is actually the second-in-command but is the First Officer. Despite the metric system of identification that reduces her to her designation, Number One is a real person and a real character. 

There was not much information available about the character from the original Star Trek film that had decided to explore the role of Number One. They were able to retrieve only about 12 o 4 minutes of footage of the rejected pilot. Hence, her name was not known. 

But now, the series is set on finding more about Number One and who she is as a person. The series will also expand on her story more as a character. The writer's team named her Una Chin-Riley and it feels like she is finally made into a person. 

Romijn revealed that the writers updated her about the development of her career earlier on and she got to learn about more layers that build Number One as a character. The series will look through more of these layers. The second season is doing a great job at bringing her story into the limelight and will continue to expand on her arc. 

The series has been now in production for three years and faced some terrible setback with the pandemic hogging over the entertainment business. Apart from that, the character of Number One was in gestation for the longest time of 56 years and now finally gets to come into reality. 

Romijn was excited to share that she is looking forward to finding out the much-hyped secret about Number one. The character has a lot of love for Starfleet, but her secret could put many things at stake. Her secret actually goes against a major Star Trek rule and with Una secretly rebelling against the rules of the organization, there is a lot of shame attached to her secret. 

However, she herself is not ashamed of the secret but just that it wouldn't sit right with Starfleet. It would be interesting to see how things fly once she stops safeguarding what she is so worried about. 

Romijn is also joined on the sets of the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds by her husband Jerry O'Connell who plays Commander Rack Ransom, also a Starfleet First Officer. The star features in Star Trek: Lower Decks. 

Though O'Connell gets to see his wife in the Starfleet Uniform at times, he himself does not have that honor as he stars in the animated show. Yet, the two are in competition with each other and are really happy with their opportunity of getting to star in Star Trek franchise productions. 

Happily for the actor, he did get the chance to wear the uniform once. The team of the animated show got to wear the uniform just once during Star Trek: Mission Chicago. 

The actress has starred in many other great works apart from her Star Trek role. She played a Mystique in the X-Men movies and is excited to rep[rise her role if she gets the chance once again. 

Romijn is not yet sure if there will ever be an X-Men reprisal but she shared that she would love to be cast in the production again. She also added that it was amazing to have starred in the production for the one time that she did. 

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is the tale that takes after the adventures of Captain Christopher Pike and his team as they board the starship USS Enterprise and head into space to explore new worlds all around the galaxy. The series is set a decade earlier than the events of Star Trek: The Original Series. 

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will air on Paramount+ on May 5, Thursday.