The Wildest of MTV VMAs Moments
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 21 Sep 2021 10:48:27 GMT
Image source: Teen Vogue

The MTV VMAs have served many shocking pop music culture moments over the years. The A-list award guests do not refrain from outright feuds, all-baring outfits, stunning performances, and becoming the talk of the town. 

Here are the most shocking and jaw-dropping moments of the MTV Video Music Awards of all time:-

Taylor Swift and Kanye west

Image source: Popsugar

Who doesn't remember the iconic Taylor Swift and Kanye West feud, which also had so many Swifties commenting 'snake emojis' on Kim Kardashian's posts? The rivalry started over a decade ago in 2009 when Taylor Swift won an award for her "You Belong With Me" music video.

However, Kanye was quick to jump on stage, grab the mic from Taylor, and exclaimed how the award should have gone to Beyoncé's 'Single Ladies.' "Yo, Taylor, I'm really happy for you, I'mma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!" said Kanye. 

Taylor said that specific moment changed her outlook on life and also now majorly reflects on her music. Talking about the heartbreaking moment, Taylor said, "At the time, I didn't know they were booing him doing that. I thought they were booing me. For someone who's built their whole belief system on getting people to clap for you, the whole crowd booing is a pretty formative experience. That was sort of a catalyst for a lot of psychological paths that I went down. And not all of them were beneficial. It was all fueled by not feeling like I belonged there."

Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus

Image source: US Magazine

Though the fight didn't have much substance, Nicki and Miley had their very own feuding moment during the MTV VMAs. Apparently, Nicki had said a few things about the award ceremony, which Miley hosted on a Twitter post that didn't sit right with Miley. Miley dubbed Nicki "not very polite" for "starting a pop singer against pop singer war" during her interview with The New York Times. 

After being awarded Best Hip Hop Video, Nicki had said, "And now back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press … Miley, what's good?" Nicki's statement, also with The New York Times, exclaimed that her point when tweeting the original tweet was for "speaking on something that affects Black women." 

Justin Bieber crying on stage

Image source: MTV

Another memorable moment of 2015's award show was when Justin Bieber broke into tears on stage while performing for the audience. The star usually finds himself in situations where the audience downplays his talents but being confronted with a moment when so many people supported him together was a great deal for the Canadian artist. 

Explaining the meltdown moment to Jimmy Kimmel on his night show, Justin said, "I just wasn't expecting them to support me in the way that they did. The last time I was at an award show, I was booed." 

He said he owed the magnificent moment to hard work and continued, "I think I have worked so hard on this album. I've worked so hard at just becoming this man I want to become." 

The Meat Dress of Lady Gaga

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Award shows are popular for all the peculiar dresses stars wear to these memorable nights. From dresses made of nothing but diamonds, sheer panels, and strings to bold transformations on the red carpet and more, all awards shows have some or the other iconic dress moment but none as iconic as Lady Gaga's meat dress. 

The dress was made out of raw beef, along with the bag she carried and her beret. The dress's beef was purchased from France Fernandez and cost around $100,000.