Three things that will make The Rings of Power a must-watch
by Jaskiran Kaur | Mon, 21 Mar 2022 12:26:58 GMT
Rings of Power will come to Amazon on September 2nd; Credits: Den of Geek

Lord of Rings has enjoyed an immense degree of fandom over the years for both the books and the films that came after it. Now, the franchise is all set to release another Lord of Rings film. 

'Rings of Power' is a new series based on the original set of Lord of Rings books, and fans should be excited to know that it is already under production!

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has come forward with its trailer, which has filled fans with excitement. The show will reveal more about the magical world of Middle Earth. 

While some fans can not wait to watch what new things the series will bring, many fans of the OG series are angry at Amazon for having allowed the monumental changes in the show. The fans of J.R.R. Tolkien are still looking forward to watching the new installment in the series. 

Whether you are okay with changes or still can't stop complaining about the new things that the series has introduced, Rings of Power have something great for all Lord of Rings fans.

Amazon will from now look over The Hobbit productions and owns the rights to the series, along with that of Lord of the Rings. Now, it will also see over the production of The Return of the King, a production that will allow fans more insight into the Second Age of Middle-Earth. 

While you can lament the changes that Amazon studios made to the franchise, you can take heart in the fact that nothing in the new writeups will contradict the already mentioned facts by Tolkein. Hence, get ready to witness the best that the new series will bring forward with The Lord of Rings prequel. 

Get to know Galadriel

Galadriel is a character that has positively shaped the face of Lord of the Rings. Said to be a warrior in her youth, as mentioned by Tolkein, was both a beauty and a fighter. 

The author described her appearance in his epistolary works, and in Letter 348, he writes that the lady warrior would tie up her hair as a crown before indulging in fights. The Elven maiden is suggested to have great skill in her martial crafts.

However, as she grew up, she stopped fighting and turned into the royal elf we got to see her as in the Peter Jackson films. She is also mentioned as such in the original trilogy, as seen in Tolkien's works. 

The character was portrayed by Cate Blanchett in the films, and that is how fans have come to love the Lady of Lorien. Despite giving up on her art of fighting as a warrior, Galadriel is still immensely powerful. 

She has the power to wife away orcs just with a swipe of her hand. She also banished Sauron from the Elven lands after The Battle of Five Armies. She is shown as majestic, powerful, beautiful, and of course, regal. 

Possibly Galadriel will not be much different from a person in her earlier years as now to be shown by the Rings of Power. In the Tolkein view of the Second Age, Galadriel was known to live with her husband Celeborn and daughter Celebrian. 

She traveled all the way to Khazad-dum when she guessed that Annatar, the original maker of the rings who taught the craft to the elves was not using his power for the good. It will be amazing to see how she managed to take control of the situation or what became of her in the times back then. The role is now given to Morfydd Clark!

Numenor's Fall

Taking after the biblical fall of Sodom and Gomorrah and also likened to the legend of the Atlantis by many fans, Numenor was a kingdom that suffered from a similar fate. Known as the kingdom of Men, Numenor is mentioned in Middle-Earth history. 

The Numenor was said to be the greatest civilization of Men to have ever existed in the Tolkein world. Isildur, a character who hailed from the race of Men, Dunedain, is a descendant of the original Numenor residents, people who managed to escape the terrible destruction of their civilization. 

Rings of Power will finally offer a glimpse of the famed land of Numenor in its full glory before its Fall. The glimpses will feature the ancient Numenorean culture of the Men from the lands, along with their religious beliefs that focused on the worship of Il├║vatar. The story might also show how the Numenor managed to stay guarded against the other kingdoms and what relationships these places had with each other. Their immediate neighbors were the Elves of Gil-galad. 

Sauron's failed coup 

Sauron wished to regain power and lord over the residents of Middle-Earth, as seen in The Lord of the Rings and also in The Hobbit Trilogy. His most noticeable defeat still is a mystery that was carried out by Isildur. It would be fascinating to see him be defeated as he vowed for power with the help of One Ring. 

Rings of Power shows Sauron in the thickest of his schemes as he makes a move on power. The series will reveal his hidden motives and how he went on to work behind the scenes and managed to gather power in the kingdoms. 

Galadriel is portrayed by Morfydd Clark in Rings of Power; Credits: Screen Rant

Sauron was not necessarily a bad character, but one who slowly descended down to the path. His evil take of power will be shown in The Rings of Power along with how he also managed to corrupt Men as he created One Ring in Mordor.