Tino Franco reacts to Aven Jones showing up at "After the Finale Rose"
by Ana Walia | Fri, 21 Oct 2022 16:42:09 GMT
Tino Franco and Rachel Recchia. Image Source: Showbiz CheatSheet 

Tino Franco reacts to Aven Jones showing up at "After the Finale Rose".

During his appearance on Nick Viall’s Viall Files podcast, Tino Franco shared how he felt when Rachel Recchia’s ex, Aven Jones, appeared on stage at ‘After the Finale Rose’.

Aven Jones appeared on-stage and said to Rachel that everything she was going through was tough and she did not deserve any of the stuff that was happening and asked her if she would like to get out and catch up, which Rachel Recchia had agreed to. Aven Jones took Rachel Recchia off-stage. Tino Franco stood there.

During the podcast interview, Tino Franco told Nick Viall that he just wondered why he was still out there on stage as she walked away with Aven Jones. The general contractor said that at that point, the former couple had been broken up for a month and he was at war with himself about even appearing on After the Final Rose. Tino said that there was no way that the After the Final Rose episode was going to be a nice look on him, and he reminded himself that he had to go there and tell Rachel Recchia that he was sorry.

Tino continued that when Aven showed up and asked Rachel to leave with him, that situation left him more frustrated with the show than with Rachel or Aven. He added that if Rachel wanted Aven to come out in front of him, he couldn’t say much since it was he who cheated. Tino mentioned that she had every right to be hurt and he would have been hurt too but added that the show, he thought, would have thought twice about calling Aven Jones knowing how much he had struggled.

Talking about Aven Jones, Tino shared with Nick that he is a great guy, super nice, always straightforward, and super accountable. He added that he does not think Aven knew that he was going to be out there when he came on stage and asked Rachel. Tino explained that Aven Jones reached out on the night of After the Final Rose, but his phone was off, but Aven left a text that read, "He's sorry about that and added that he understood that the situation was tough."

Tino said that they spoke the next day and shared that Aven Jones is a class act, and according to Tino, he went on stage intending to cheer up Rachel, as seeing an ex after four weeks when it was pretty crushing would have been hard on anybody. Tino left the show's provided mental health professional for a psychologist who had been suggested to him to handle the "terrifying experience" of being in the series.

He said the therapist was a fantastic listener, but he would always correlate her with that kind of horrific experience. He is currently seeing a psychologist twice a week as he attempts to reconcile what he did and who he desires to be in the future. Tino claims he does not stand by what he did. It's not acceptable. It was unjust to Rachel. He went on to say that it is something he is ashamed of and that it was the smallest thing he could have done in his relationship with Rachel. It was completely unjust to her. It's the greatest mistake he's ever made.

He also denied that he and Rachel, like Friends' famous Ross and Rachel, were "on a break" during the kiss. Tino clarified that they were not on a break and that he had no idea where that theory originated. He went on to say that they were not separated or anything and that when he acted out, he felt like they were about to check out because they were in a dark place.

Rachel Recchia previously stated in an interview with ET that she would need to know if they were on a break and that she would be aware of it. She stated that she can see it because there is so much he-said, she-said, and so much of this happened off camera. That is simply the reality; they will never know the entire story. Rachel stated that she will not know the entire story. It's all over at this point, and she'll think that they all just have to accept the facts as they are.Tino appears to have accepted, as he stated to Nick Viall, that he loved Rachel throughout the process and still thinks about her every day.

After everything that has happened, he has simply moved on and believes that there is someone out there who is more compatible with her. That still hurts him two months after the breakup. The contractor assured her that if she ever needed anything and needed to contact him, he would always respond.Tino stated that he will always love her and cherish their time together. She set a high standard for his future fiancée, and while he admires her, he believes it's time to move on.

Rachel previously revealed to ET why she does not regret any part of her journey. She clarified that every choice she made was the unconditional best decision she could make at the time. Of course, thinking back, there are so many things she might have changed, and she was far from perfect, no matter how hard she tried, but she believes there are so many lessons we will be able to use for the rest of our lives. We just did the best we could and tried to follow our hearts the entire time.