Tom Hanks joins the Nepo Babies conversation
by Ana Walia | Sat, 07 Jan 2023 18:42:15 GMT
Tom Hanks joins the Nepo Babies conversation. Image Source: THR

Tom Hanks joins the Nepo Babies conversation.

Tom Hanks is the latest celebrity to weigh in on the Nepo Babies dispute, which emerged after a New York Magazine article about nepotism was published. Vulture also covered and printed the story, which focuses on the media industry's undetectable network of family ties and how Hollywood's attempted exercise of promoting the children of celebrities caused waves of scandal that annoyed some famous faces.

During the latest conversation with Reuters, Tom Hanks, whose children Elizabeth, Colin, Truman, and Chet are all connected in the entertainment business, stated that it is a family-owned business, noting that this is what they always have done and is what all of their children did grow up in. Tom stated that they have four children, all of whom are imaginative and implicated in some form of storytelling.

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Elizabeth and Colin are shared by Tom Hanks and his ex-wife Samantha Lewes, while Truman and Chet are shared by their current wife Rita Wilson. The actor went on to say that if they owned a plumbing supply company or a florist shop down the street, the entire family would be working at some point, even if it was just inventory at the end of the year. Tom Hanks was unconcerned about any backlash he might receive for casting Truman as the younger version of his character in A Man Called Otto.

The actor said that it is something that doesn't change, no matter what happens, no matter what one's last name is, is whether or not it works adding that's the problem whenever any of them goes off and tries to tell a new story or create something with a beginning, middle, and end, it makes no difference what their surnames are. Tom Hanks mentioned that people must put in the effort to provide the audience with an authentic experience and that's a much bigger task than worrying about whether or not someone will try to sabotage them.

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Allison Williams, the daughter of anchor Brian Williams and TV producer Jane Gillan Stoddard, who became well-known within a week of starring as Marine Michaels in the HBO series Girls, also decided to join the discussion to express her point of view and said that she did not wish for anyone to see her going to grow, having to learn, shifting, and transferring. She mentioned that she was focused on ensuring that those who knew her comprehended that she was a good worker as if this would somewhat exculpate her of the privilege. Allison Williams admitted that she started to feel she had something to prove, but immediately learned that pretending the privilege didn't occur wouldn't make it disappear.

Kate Moss' sister, Lottie Moss, had a more controversial viewpoint on the subject. She stated that she is tired of people trying to blame nepotism for their lack of wealth, popularity, or achievement. The 24-year-old acknowledged in a series of since-deleted tweets that it is unfair that people from famous families have an advantage, but added that, guess what, life just isn't fair. She went on to say that if a person puts their mind to it, those who can accomplish any of it! Instead of condemning others' achievements, Lottie considers that individuals should attempt to make their own. In a separate tweet, Lottie acknowledged the respect of being related to a professional model adding that she was pretty much on her own and so she had to navigate all of it by herself and do the best she could. but suggested that trash-talking regarding others, as a result, makes NO sense.