Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney finalise their divorce
by Ana Walia | Tue, 27 Sep 2022 12:30:03 GMT
Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz settled their divorce. Image Source: Glamour

Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz settled their divorce.

The Vanderpump Rules couple Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, who announced their separation six months ago, ultimately settled on September 19th, according to court filings. The court must still approve the settlement agreements, which state that Katie and Tom have agreed to an uncontested distribution of their joint property and have relinquished any claims to past or future spousal support.

Katie Maloney filed for divorce in March, after announcing her separation from her 12-year partner, Tom Schwartz, earlier that month. After 12 years of sharing life's adventures, she and Tom announced in their statement that they are ending their marriage. She added that there is no bitterness or hostility between them, there are no sides to take, and that they will continue to be friends and hold each other in the highest regard.

Katie continued that although Tom and she have decided to be on a different path from now on, they will continue to love and support each other’s happiness, and later she thanked everyone for the love and support. Tom Schwartz also took to his social media to share that the decision to separate was made by Katie and even though he feels hurt at the moment, he would respect her decision. They have had a healthy, productive conversation about it, and it would make no sense for either of them to stick together if she is not happy.

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The former couple, since the announcement, has been very cordial with each other, and when Tom Schwartz appeared on Katie Maloney’s podcast in August, he said that they still hang out with space and boundaries as they are friends, and they do check up on each other. Tom admitted that they had divorced each other in the best and healthiest way possible.

On asking why she decided to pull the plug, Katie Maloney shared in April on the We Met At Acme podcast that she had been expressing her feelings and that she felt that she was not getting her needs met and was getting hurt by some of the behavior. Katie admitted that maybe Tom Schwartz was not able to understand her feelings or resonated or agreed with what she was feeling at the time, along with stating that she felt like Tom was not putting in the effort needed to make their marriage work compared to her.

The tenth season of their reality show is probably going to give some insights into their marriage, but Katie has mentioned that she is not looking forward to reliving the entire thing again but clarifies that she would rather be honest than try to manipulate or cover up or paint it in a different light.

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Tom Schwartz was recently linked to Vandepump Rules star Raquel Leviss, and it was reported that their probable romance is sort of causing trouble for the former couple because Raquel and Katie are friends. Perhaps the tenth season will provide some clues to the audience about the upcoming new romance. Tom Sandoval, Tom Schwartz's close friend and business partner had recently shared that their new bar has definitely taken up their time but Tom has been quiet on social media because of the adjustment he has to make with his ongoing divorce so he is just taking his time and is in a decent mindset. 

On asking about Tom and Raquel, Tom Sandoval said that the audience should watch the show to know because he cannot give away too much but said that this year has been too much for him, them and everyone involved in Vanderpump Rules. According to sources, Raquel Leviss does not regrets hooking up with Tom Schwartz at all and added that she and Katie Maloney are not even that close otherwise she wouldn't have hooked up with him. 

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