Tom Schwartz's remarks about Raquel Leviss being "cool" surfaced amid relationship rumors
by Ana Walia | Tue, 30 Aug 2022 13:01:44 GMT
Tom Schwartz and Raquel Leviss. Image Source: Monsters and Critics 

Was Katie Maloney 'disinvited' from Scheana Shay and Brock Davies’ wedding? 

Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay and Brock Davies recently got married in a stunning and lavish Cancun, Mexico wedding where other stars of the show also joined them for their celebration. The wedding also seems to be sparking a lot of romance rumors between Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz.

According to reports, while Katie Maloney was in Cancun for the wedding, she was not spotted at the wedding and now Brock Davies is opening up about Katie Maloney’s absence. It was also reported that when Katie Maloney witnessed her ex-husband Tom Schwartz making out with Raquel Leviss at the wedding, she screamed at them, but the duo fought back against her. Although Raquel Leviss' ex James Kennedy who was also at the wedding and apparently was DJing at the after party seemed unbothered about the two of them. 

A social media post was shared by an account @pumprulesbravo that posted a headline that read that Katie Maloney was seen screaming at Tom Schwartz and Raquel Leviss after she witnessed the duo making out. A user had commented under the post that Katie Maloney was not at the wedding and Brock Davies took the opportunity to clarify that Katie Maloney had been disinvited and had rocked up anyway for a ‘girls trip’.

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Katie Maloney reacted to the post by stating that she was enjoying all the untruths. It was reported by a source who was a guest at the wedding that Tom Schwartz and Raquel Leviss were trying to be very sneaky after they were caught by Katie Maloney, but a lot of people saw them making out, and there was a lot of heavy drinking involved, and their attempts to keep their make-out session private were not working.

Tom Schwartz had made an appearance on Scheana's Scheananigans podcast a few weeks before the alleged make-out session between him and Raquel, during which he made a hint about digging at Raquel. The newly single Tom gushed over newly single Raquel Leviss' personality and said that he was so engrossed in her marital life that he never really took the time to get to know Raquel Leviss. Tom then sent Raquel a shout-out. Raquel Leviss was always cool, but Tom continued, he simply never really invested the time to get to know her. He instantly corrected himself, saying it was a terrible way to put it and that he never really gave her a chance. The ex-fiance of James Kennedy has such depth and character and he sort of wrote her off, Tom Schwartz further stated.

Even more astonishingly, Tom refused to kissing Raquel when Scheana confronted him about it after he rejected allegations that they had done it at Coachella in April. He responded that he would marry Raquel when they played the game Fuck Marry Kill, which asks players to pick one of three people to kill, sleep with, or have sex with. He did so rather confidently as if it were an option. "I believe I will wed Raquel,"

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In March, Tom and ex-wife Katie Maloney announced their split following suspicions that their marriage was in trouble when Katie was photographed out and about without her wedding band. She had shared that she was not happy and she needed to do what was best for her. Amid their announcement of separation after being together for 12 years, the exes have been able to maintain a good relationship and have been on friendly terms till now.

And even though they had officially announced their divorce, Katie was not amused by Tom and Raquel's PDA at the wedding weekend. The reports claim right now that she is annoyed by the entire situation not because Tom Schwartz is moving on but because he is hooking up with one of her friends. But it was her who had suggested to Scheana Shay that Tom and Raquel would look cute together. 

Tom Schwartz and Raquel Leviss have not yet commented on the situation.