Trevor Donovan comments on the Great American Family Controversy. Click here to know.
by Ana Walia | Thu, 24 Nov 2022 19:51:01 GMT
Trevor Donovan becomes the latest celebrity to share thoughts on the Great American Family Controversy. Image Source: TV Fanatic 

Trevor Donovan becomes the latest celebrity to share thoughts on the Great American Family Controversy.

The former 90210 stars, Trevor Donovan, who signed with the Great American Family Network last year and is now opening up about his work with the channel after Candace Cameron Bure’s comments on traditional marriage sparked controversy,

Trevor believes that individuals should be and believe whatever they desire as long as they are kind and accept others. The actor went on to say that those who have seen and accompanied him since he went on to star in 90210 know his heart and character and that people matter no matter who they love or what religion or race they belong to.

Speaking of Candace Cameron Bure, Trevor stated that coexistence is possible through mutual respect and acceptance and that in his few months with her, he has found her to be compassionate and passionate about her faith. The company faced backlash earlier this month after creative chief officer Candace Cameron Bure mentioned  during an interview that the network just wouldn't feature same-sex couples and instead focus on "traditional marriages."

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Trevor is also collaborating with Great American Family network on Upstanders, his anti-bullying program, that will host another gathering with RomaDrama in January. Trevor added that they have made significant progress and that there has never been a more essential time to stand up for those who do not believe they have a voice. He also stated that his decision to join Great American Family was influenced by CEO Bill Abbott's assistance for his Team Upstanders curriculum while they were both at Hallmark.

Trevor also stated that he was permitted to produce his films stating that his goal has always been to make films. The actor explained that he wishes to make movies that could connect people while not being overtly political or religious. He also added that maybe in future romantic-comedy movie, he'd play the gullible country boy who finds love in the big city or ended up saving his family's farm. Keep an eye out. Well, the actor recently competed in Season 31 of Dancing With the Stars, and while he did not win, he is very proud of himself for pushing himself.

He admitted that dancing was his biggest fear, and while he still has some anxiety about it, his self-belief has grown, and he has learned that it's okay to just be afraid, but mentioned that people should not let fear prevent them from trying something new dancing. Trevor also mentioned that he discovered he is a decent dancer.

The actor is now "open" to dancing again, possibly in a film. While he began at the bottom of the reality competition show's leaderboard, he quickly rose to become the new frontrunner but eventually Charli D'Amelio and partner Mark Ballas won the show. While Trevor did not win the mirrorball, he was named "most enhanced dancer," which he says means a great deal to him. He went on to say that the overwhelming crowd support kept him going and that when somebody else puts their body and mind into something, they can overcome irrational fears and achieve things they never thought possible. It also tends to help to have an enthusiastic, competent, and patient instructor like Emma Slater, according to the actor.

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Concerning Candace after the massive backlash took to her social media to share a statement that said that anyone who has known her are aware that she has great love and affection for everyone. She went on to say that it breaks her heart that anyone would think she would intentionally offend and hurt anyone.The mother of three clarified that she is a devout Christian who chooses to believe that every human being bears God's image. She was thus named to love all people, which she does. According to the actress, her heart longs to create a bridge and bring the people closer to God, to absolutely adore others well, and to merely be a symbol of God's immense love for all of us.

Candace Bure also stated in the Wall Street Journal interview that people of all ethnicities and identities have contributed to the network in good ways both behind and in front of the camera, which she will inspire and wholeheartedly endorse. However, based on her interview, Bure stated that this section was "doesn't include" in the final story.