Tyler Stanaland discussed his and Brittany Snow's "different worlds" ahead of the separation announcement
by Ana Walia | Sat, 17 Sep 2022 21:11:31 GMT
Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland. Image Source: Cosmopolitan Middle East 

Tyler Stanaland discussed his and Brittany Snow's "different worlds" ahead of the separation announcement. 

After two years of marriage, Brittany Snow and Tyler Stanaland announced their separation recently by sharing a post on social media that read that they have realized that they need to take some time and make sure that they are each living their most fulfilling and authentic lives. The pair wrote on their social media handles that they started this journey as best friends and their relationship is going to continue to be a priority not only for them but for their dog too.

During the Netflix Open House which was held on June 23, Tyler Stanaland compared the two different worlds he and Brittany Snow belong to, describing that one cannot compare their two worlds and saying that there is not much that Brittany Snow could advise him on his debut on Selling the OC’s. Tyler said that what she does is different compared to what reality shows do. He's part of explaining that what they’re doing is giving the audience a sneak into their lives. On asking what Brittany Snow’s advice for him was, Tyler said the actress told him to have fun.

It was reported that Brittany Snow was not very thrilled with the idea of Tyler Stanaland being a part of Selling the OC's, but Tyler was adamant that he needed to make his name on his terms, and he was excited about the project, but soon found himself in the middle of what everyone’s describing as the biggest plotline of the show. The sources close to the couple said that the show destroyed their marriage and even though Tyler Stanaland tried his best to keep his marriage out of it, Brittany was not happy with what she was seeing on-screen. 

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In an August interview with US Weekly, Tyler discussed his wife's opinion of his program, saying that she watched it like everyone else and found it to be entertaining. Although it's a lot, it's good. When asked how she reacted to his decision to appear on a reality program, Tyler pointed out that the couple has kept their work life separate. He also noted that this was something he did for himself and that he kind of simply wanted to keep it that way.

Tyler Stanaland revealed that his co-worker Kayla Cardona had tried to kiss him off-screen twice and told him that their kiss could be a secret, but Tyler declined her "idea". Polly Brindle had alleged that it was not the first time Kayla Cardona tried to make a pass at Tyler. On his appearance on the Reality TV with Kate Casey podcast, Tyler Stanaland explained that, out of respect for Kayla, he was just trying to minimize the situation and brush past it because he did not want any drama to take place.

Kayla spoke to US Weekly in August and addressed the situation and said that she and Tyler squashed it so long ago, and she is not the one that Brittany Snow should be worrying about. Kayla added further that she is not going to flirt with someone if she does not feel like she is getting flirted with back and she has a lot more confidence in herself than just throwing herself at someone for no reason, and she was definitely feeling the reciprocation back, and not just once, but several times. But nothing has ever happened.

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Pointing out that maybe Brittany Snow should be worried about someone else Kayla Cardona alleged that Alex Hall was the one she think it was clear who she should be worried about. The reality TV personality went on to say that Alex and Tyler's bond is improper and hypocritical because she believes it to be pretty clear that she never even touched the man. In contrast to Alex, she asserted, who had sat on his lap, licked his nose, and Brindle's skinny-dipping challenge, no one had ever seen her naked. She better sees a direct deposit before you get any of the items. That is being given away like free candy, Kayla said she would say, "Thanks, but no."

After the separation announcement, Tyler Stanaland was spotted enjoying sushi dinner with co-star Alex Hall. However, a source said Tyler has always been polite to everyone. No one can say whether he cheated on Brittany with a different woman or not because nothing about that has been verified.

Selling the OC is currently streaming on Netflix.