Was Megan Fox the real inspiration behind "Good Mourning"?
by Ana Walia | Sat, 14 May 2022 13:04:27 GMT
Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Good Mourning'. Image Source: USA Today 

Machine Gun Kelly and Mod Sun’s directorial debut "Good Mourning" is all set to be released.

The musician and actor Colson Baker, also known as Machine Gun Kelly, and friend and musician Mod Sun’s directorial debut "Good Mourning" is all set to be released, and the artist spoke to The Hollywood Reporter during the movie’s Los Angeles premiere on Thursday.

The idea for the upcoming stoner comedy film, which Mod and Colson co-wrote, co-direct, and starred in, originated from a horrific spiral, according to Colson Baker. Machine Gun Kelly further revealed that when he first started dating now-fiancée Megan Fox, he mis understood a text she sent to him before she went overseas for work and would be without phone service for three weeks.

Machine Gun Kelly revealed that when he couldn't contact her, he panicked and assumed his relationship with Megan Fox was over, so he started writing down a script with Mod Sun as a distraction. Colson told Extra that after they finished writing the movie, he walked over to Megan's porch and read everything to her, and she told him that this was all he could think about the entire time.

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The film, Good Mourning is loosely inspired by some of the classic stoner comedies such as Grandma's Boy, Half Baked, and "Pineapple Express," about which Colson Baker stated that he and Mod Sun wanted to make one because no stoner comedies were being made for the next generation.

Apart from that, the artist noted that because they are super-stoners, they felt it was appropriate for them to step in as writers and filmmakers and represent the cannabis community in the manner they view and admire it in the film "Good Mourning." Stoners expressed their desire to create something that will last in the stoner archives. The writers also revealed that there was a full palette of marijuana as well as all of the necessary utensils and accouterments to smoke it during filming.

Mod Sun revealed that the cast and crew were smoking so much that they set off the fire alarm in the house they were filming in, triggering sprinklers that soaked the camera equipment, and that people did get in trouble a couple of times because of the weed the crew was having or smoking at the time.

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Talking about the movie, which also features Megan Fox and Pete Davidson, Machine Gun Kelly shared that Megan is funny and he loves it when she has the opportunity to show off that side of her to the world. He said that he feels that she is such an underrated actress when it comes to comedy and just as an actor who can adapt to different faces and phases, so, it was an honor to work with her. Megan Fox shared that both Colson and Mod were incredible. Machine Gun Kelly wrote the entire film in three days, Megan Fox added, which is fantastic. She expressed her admiration for her fiancé by expressing that he has these bursts of inspiration where he downloads something from the universe and rapidly produces an excellent product.

About Pete, Colson said that because he is so funny, they couldn’t keep up with everything that he was saying. Pete Davidson’s character was written as someone who had three or four lines, but he went on to be a central figure. Colson and Pete are best friends, and they have collaborated on various projects previously, and they work well together.

Machine Gun Kelly said that maybe they should thank Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as they set up a bar for two best friends working on a project together and just having fun that they thought that maybe they should do something like that. Mod Sun added that Colson Baker was very certain and is still certain that they could get Brad Pitt for a cameo in the movie and none of the cast or crew believed it. But Machine Gun Kelly said that he is still hoping that Brad Pitt is somewhere there in the frame in the background.

Megan Fox wore a strapless, full-embellished Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini gown with a provocative thigh-high split and her hair fashioned in Old Hollywood waves to the Los Angeles premiere of the film. Colson Baker wore a rose-printed Dolce & Gabbana double-breasted tuxedo with a matching turtleneck.

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Colson's pink hair, which he dyed in February, complemented his ensemble, and the rapper also smoked pot on the red carpet. Mod Sun, Jenna Boyd, Zach Villa, and GaTa joined the pair on the red carpet.

Good Mourning is a movie that follows London Clash played by MGK, who is a movie star but his world goes upside down after he receives a text from his girlfriend who breaks up with him on a day when he has an important meeting to be at. Now, London must choose between pursuing his one true love and landing a life-changing, starring role in a major motion picture.

Machine Gun Kelly is gearing to perform at the Billboard Music Awards 2022 and is also nominated for Top Rock Artist award. Good Mourning comes out in theatres and on demand on May 20th.