Was the death of Pike really necessary in Snowpiercer?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 02 Mar 2022 04:19:04 GMT
Pike was killed off in the third season of Snowpiercer; Credits: Looper


Snowpiercer Season 3 has been going strong as the refugees continue on their journey to find a safe, warm spot on the planet, and yet deaths are inevitable on the brutal show. 

Episode 6 of the third season, Born To Bleed, showed Pike, played by Steven Ogg, take on a fight with Andre Layton, played by Daveed Diggs. The battle to the dead ends with Pike's demise, who has played a villainous, yet strong character until now. 

While many fans would have taken a breath of relief to see the evil-head leave this world, others argue that the major death robbed Snowpiercer of one strong character. Still, all comes to perspective when the events leading to Pike's death are examined. 

Pike has long eyed the leadership of the train, vowing to assassinate Layton over and over again. In his last attempt on Layton's life, Pike planted a bomb to kill him off. However, s Layton and Bess Till, played by Mickey Summer, looked into an act of arson, which was committed to taking out Andre in the Third Class Market, Pike's bomb was discovered, and Layton was saved. 

Finally, as Pike and Layton squared off in the final battle, it made a fitting end for the animosity between the two characters. The bad blood between the two ranges back to Season 1 of the show. Now, the only villain of consequence left to shake up things for the passengers of the train is Mr. Wilford, played by Sean Bean

Seeing a bit of the backstory, the audience sees Layton and Pike as one of the initial two hundred refugees to have come aboard to the Snowpiercer's Tail section. The Tail section learned to survive as they banded together against the ruthless leadership aboard the train going back seven years.

The train was first commandeered by Melanie Cavill, played by Jennifer Connelly. Later, Layton emerged as one of the leaders of the Tail along with Pike and Josie Wellstead, played by Katie McGuinness. Yet, Pike and Layton never saw eye to eye, and the former formed a bond with Andre. 

While Pike has only a few redeeming qualities, he still fought for the Tail when faced with the rest of the Snowpiercer as Layton was busied by Melanie to become the Train Detective. Even when he was sent to Drawers, he came back siding with Pike and opposing Andre's control of the Train. 

He was also used by Layton later in season 2 when Mr. Wilford and Big Alice got onto the Train. Hence, Pike got his hands bloodied by killing Terence, played by Shaun Taub, as asked by Layton. He also fought against Wilford as the latter started picking power and commanding experiments on the Train. 

Regardless of the greatness, Pike could demonstrate in the coming seasons there was to be some feud that would always divide Pike and Layton. Yet, the former was not without his needs and could be counted upon to defend Tail whenever need be. 

However, the character has now come to his end on Snowpiercer without his full potential being explored. Pike had the prospect of coming into the forefront and becoming one of the leaders, but he was mostly in the background doing the dirty work for others. 

He was not seen for a while in Season 1 and 2, and he spent the rest of the time switching sides. At times he would be backing up Andre and at other times plotting on his back. 

Unruly and unchecked at best, Pike was the most despicable presence when he threatened to kill Zarah, played by Sheila Vand, and Andre's newborn child, Liana. His final act of unmonoti=ored contempt against a child sealed his fate, forcing Layton's hand to finally end Pike's tale on Snowpiercer. 

Yet Pike will be remembered by many for the tortured and hurt soul he was and for the unexplored romance that is left in the void which he could have continued with ruth. Many think his death was too soon and drew the character's life too short. 

Also, people will not forget that Ruth did have a conversation with Pike where she asked him to live up to his full potential. It also seems like a subtle nudge for Snowpiercer to have used Pike's character in a better light. The actor did have a lot more prowess to emerge as a lead character than a supporting cast member, mostly working in the underbelly of the Train. 

Snowpiercer shows a tale of survival aboard a train; Credits: The NY Times

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