What do Ellen DeGeneres-related sources have to say about how she feels about Greyson Chance's assertion that she "abandoned" him?
by Ana Walia | Fri, 23 Sep 2022 21:09:24 GMT
Ellen DeGeneres’ feelings about Greyson Chance’s claims have been shared. Image Source: YouTube

Ellen DeGeneres’ feelings about Greyson Chance’s claims have been shared by the sources close to her. 

After Greyson Chance shared some shocking revelations in his Rolling Stone profile about Ellen DeGeneres’ involvement in his professional life and how he felt abandoned, manipulated, and controlled after a while, sources close to the talk show host have things to share.

A source close to Ellen DeGeneres shared with Entertainment Tonight that the talk show host had gone above and beyond for the musician while he was growing up. They said Greyson Chance never complained during his time on Ellen and he continued to appear on the show for his projects, which sort of is weird to hear him say that she manipulated and controlled his life too much.

Another source echoed the same sentiment that the singer, who is now launching his new project, has taken this opportunity to share about Ellen DeGeneres' being opportunistic, whereas it seems like it’s him who has taken advantage of the opportunity. The singer had appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show 12 times, with his last appearance in 2019. Sources pointed out that his appearances did not stop on the show even though Interscope and his team had decided to drop him.

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The singer, after the profile was published, shared a TikTok where he said that he stands by every claim he made during his interview with the Rolling Stones and mentioned that he had been wanting to tell his story to everyone for years but he was asked never to share it. The truth remains what he had said and explained that what the audience watched on TV and what was picked out to the mainstream was not the same scenario happening behind the scenes.

Greyson said that the fact remains that he is is grateful for the opportunity she gave him at the start of his career, but he is more grateful to himself for the moments when he got dropped and everything went wrong when he was a child. Chance stated that he is certain that people will have many complaints about the article or the things he revealed and call him ungrateful. Greyson continued by expressing his gratitude to the 15-year-old who continued to fight and pick up the pieces after everything had fallen apart.

The singer continued by saying that, now that he is 25 years old, he can see that what happened to him when he was a child was not cool. He also said that, while he was growing up as a musician, he had to deal with a great deal of PTSD and trauma, and that he has been fighting the industry to continue making music and doing this.The musician released Palladium, a 13-song album, on Thursday. It is his first studio release since 2019. He acknowledged that Ellen DeGeneres and that group are largely responsible for the success of his early career. He owes her absolutely nothing, which is why he is here today discussing an album. Greyson brought up the fact that he had to struggle to get up on his own while looking for his mentor, who was nowhere to be seen.

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Greyson Chance stated that Ellen producers approached him when the show's 19-season run was coming to an end earlier this year, asking him to make one farewell appearance. The final seasons of the show were tarnished by toxic workplace charges following a devastating BuzzFeed expose in July 2020. When producers promised him they'd have him on during the show's last two weeks, when it was certain to see its highest viewing, he claimed he declined not once, but twice.

Chance once said that he didn't know how he was meant to sit down and say, look at what she had accomplished for the kid sitting in front of her; he is now an artist. Chance who took a brief break from music and studied at the University of Tulsa before returning to the music industry said that he was not going to let her have her moment with showcasing the audience that it is because of her that the kid sitting in front is still performing today. The singer claimed he couldn't pull that off. So, on the eve of an album release, he declined a national television gig, which was perhaps not the best course of action, but he had to do it for his integrity.

To yet, Ellen DeGeneres has not responded to the allegations or the predicament.