What is happening in Undone season 2, with Hisko Hulsing?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Wed, 04 May 2022 19:54:55 GMT
Undone season two has eight episodes; Credits: Den of Geek

Undone Season 2 is completely out on Amazon Prime as of April 29, with all its eight episodes available for streaming. The story is loosely based on a time travel theme where a woman is struggling with her mental health. The show shows her journey and the trauma that she has been going through. 

The series is created by Kate Purdy, the creator of BoJack Horseman, along with Raphael Bob-Waksberg. The series is Amazon's first of a kind adult animation series and looks into family trauma with the help of a few genres put together. 

The second season of Undone came after a three-year-long delay since the first season of the show was released back in 2019. The story suffered due to the pandemic and the shooting restrictions along with other conditions that come with carrying on a series into its next season. 

Yet, Alma Winogard-Diaz, played by Rosa Salazar from Brand New Cherry flavor is back with her journey. The season will include Alma's father Jacob, played by Bob Odenkirk from Better Call Saul. The father will be included in her time-questioning fold along with other members of the family. 

Then there is Alma's mother, Camila, played by Constance Marie from Wth Love, and sister Becca, played by Angelique Cabral from Life in Pieces. While the mother transverses through her secrets, Becca herself travels in the fold. 

The director of the series, Hisko Hulsing, recently sat with Screen Rant and talked about what it was like to shoot the second season of the show and what it felt like to bring all those characters onto the screen. He also talked about the pandemic and the restrictions it brought while making the series. 

Sharing what made season 2 a novel experience in the show-making business, the director said that Corona was a new experience to contend with while making the show. In fact, the director helmed the project all the way from Amsterdam and did not get to come to LA while the season was in production. 

He would work from home from his computer and work late into the early morning hours owing to the nine-hour time difference between LA and Amsterdam. The series managed to work with as little crew as possible and only about 2 actors were allowed on sets at any given time. 

The whole season was also a new thing to process and was headed on a different course than the first season of undone and that too added to the list of things that overwhelmed the director. 

He shared that he was not sure of the script initially, but later he found how a different take on things can make the season feel refreshing and unique. If only they had continued with the story matter of season 1, they would not have been able to see how far Alma can go along her journey. 

In season 2, even Becca is given the chance of traveling and that has taken some burden off her shoulders of Alma. She could enjoy the time and let Becca steer for a while. 

Sharing how they reached the conclusion to let Becca enjoy some limelight instead of Alma, the director said that it was the wish of Kate and Raphael. Being the creators of the show, they are the ones who give feedback to actors and see when things are to be changed. 

The director revealed that while he directs the show and everything included in it from the actors to the crew, the 200 animators, and painters, he does not directly communicate with the performers. It is Kate who talks with them and lets them know how specifically the characters are to be played. 

The roles were given a much more central focus while heading into season 2 from season 1, so it was easier to say how they would be played out as the show progresses. And yet, the best part is that the actors know their characters inside out. They are extremely familiar with their characters and they always know what to do with them. 

In fact, the actor also drew parallels to the characters with their respective actors. He said that Angelique is a little like her character Becca, while Alma takes after Rosa. Similarly, Camila and Constance Marie also share many similarities. The cast for the show is seriously well thought out and makes perfect sense. 

The actors get into the skin of their characters and are usually so good with their portrayal that they surprise the director with their skill and talent. He divulged that he was already able to visualize how the actors would play their parts and complemented Rosa specifically for her skills. 

Rosa created the time-traveling song herself on the set of the show. The song was not needed as per the script but it was so funny that the entire crew loved the song. Kate and the director really enjoyed having that song by Rosa. 

The actor went on to describe the season in just one sentence to show what it all is really about. He shared that the series shows that even after all you try to change your life, tragedy will always follow. 

Hence, that is exactly what the second season of the show wants to portray. Things can awry just at any time and despite your best efforts, tragedy can strike whenever. Yet, it is worth it to keep on trying and not let setbacks push you back. 

Synopsis of Undone Season 2

Season 2 of Undone shows Alma finding out that her family has been harboring many secrets from the past. Yet, no one wants to know what these secrets are. 

However, she finally finds a companion in her sister who agrees to find the truth about their family along with her. So, they get into time traveling and slowly start digging into some of the most uncomfortable secrets about their family's past. 

They get to know some of the deepest memories and motivations of their parents, which help them realize why things are the way they are in the present time. Now, they have to find ways that can help them better the mistakes of the past so that their family can function better in the present.