What is the current situation between Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney?
by Ana Walia | Wed, 20 Jul 2022 15:21:01 GMT
Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney describe themselves as the "Best Divorcees Ever." Image Source: Glamour 

Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney describe themselves as the "Best Divorcees Ever."

Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney, who announced their split in February, are keeping things amicable between them. Tom Schwartz, along with his longtime friend and business partner Tom Sandoval, recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight during the grand opening of the bar Schwartz and Sandy’s.The new bar Schwartz and Sandy’s is located in Franklin Village which is a small area in Hollywood, nestled at the base of the Hollywood Hills and the lounge is located just off Franklin Ave., north of the 101 Freeway.

The reality TV star mentioned that having a distraction and keeping oneself busy with work is nice, especially when one is going through a tough time, which in his case was his divorce with Katie Maloney. The sources at the time mentioned that working on the launch of Schwartz and Sandy’s bar had been very helpful for Tom Schwartz as he was busy and it proved to be an outlet for him to process things.

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Tom Schwartz said that, of course, the split was painful for both of them and added that no one likes to get divorced, but he described himself and Katie Maloney as maybe the best divorced couple ever and explained that they shared a great bond and friendship even after they decided to split up. Tom continued that he is not going to sugarcoat things and said that it was rough in the beginning, but they have a great bond and they still talk, text, and, above all, they have joint custody of their dogs, so everything works out. Tom Schwartz added that there had been no animosity, awkwardness, or any sort of tension between the former couple.

Tom Schwartz, during the conversation, joked that as long as Katie Maloney refrains from talking to other guys, he’s cool, and he quickly clarified that he was joking. Katie Maloney showed up at the grand opening of the bar to support Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval. Tom Schwartz appreciated the gesture from his ex and mentioned that they’ve had a lot of time to work through things and now he feels that they are in a great fucking place and added that he still loves her, of course.

Talking about Schwartz and Sandy’s, Tom Schwartz said that he likes that it’s an unassuming place; it’s in the strip mall, in the corner pocket; and added that once you enter the place, you are transported into this other world, which he loves. Tom Sandoval also added that he is so excited to see all of their hard work, learning, experiences, and passion projects finally come to life and concluded that they created this place, which can feel like their own.

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Lisa Vanderpump also showcased her support for Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval by appearing at the grand opening of their new bar and speaking to Extra about the upcoming season of Vanderpump Rules, which is going to document Tom Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s breakup. Lisa said that she wrote their wedding vows and, of course, it is hard for everyone to see their marriage coming to an end. She mentioned that she is probably more emotionally invested in the situation than she should be, but then added that everyone is and that’s why it is a good show.

On being asked if she has plans to return to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills anytime soon, Lisa Vanderpump said that she has no plans to come back but did mention that the executive producer of the show, Andy Cohen, told her that the doors are always open but it’s not something she wants to get herself involved in at the moment, especially with what’s happening there (Jen Shah’s guilty plea). She revealed that she has been busy as she opened a restaurant in Las Vegas, Vanderpump à Paris, and is focusing on writing a book.

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In a previous episode of the You're Gonna Love Me podcast, Katie Maloney discussed how she would approach her divorce in the forthcoming season of the reality series. She noted that she would have to stay in the current moment and not go back to where she was six months prior. In light of how far she has come, Katie said that she has done a great deal of weeping, mourning, and healing. As a result, she can no longer pick at her wounds or force herself to return to those places.

She stated earlier in July on her podcast that she feels like Tom and her, have always been very, very honest with their relationship the good and the bad on the program and added that it's also never simple and she is not excited to broadcast it. However, Katie said that she would rather be truthful than attempt to cover up, distort, or otherwise present the situation.

Fans can catch up on past seasons of Vanderpump Rules now on Peacock.