What is the story behind The Offer by Paramount?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Sat, 30 Apr 2022 00:44:39 GMT
The Offer stars Burn Gorman, Matthew Goode & Colin Hanks chat about the most surprising things they learned about The Godfather. Credits: TV Inisder

The Offer is making headfast success on Paramount+ with its first few episodes already aired on the streamer. The series is actually a deeper divulsion into the events that led to the film The Godfather and what all went behind creating the cinematic phenomenon that the movie was.

The series features all the hard work, dedication, and skill that was put into creating the theatrical experiences that The Godfather is and looks at how it became one of the greatest pictures of all time. The series features an exceptional star cast that shows extreme brilliance when it comes to portraying the behind-the-scenes of The Godfather.

The Offer stars Matthew Goode as Robert Evans, the film producer behind The Godfather and who helped bring the film into reality. Burn Gorman stars as the President of Paramount Pictures Charles Bluhdorn and is joined by his right-hand man Barry Lapidus, played by Colin Hanks. Lapidus happens to be one of the only few fictional people in the story, while all other characters are based on real people.

The cast of The Offer recently had a talk with Screen Rant where they shared all that helped them join the cast of the series and how much they know about gangsters and what information surprised them the most. The actors also talked about career-changing moments and offers that helped better their standing in the industry for good.

Elaborating on his experience with The Offer, Colin Hanks admitted that there is a lot in the series that surprised him. He explained that the creation of anything requires "a million miracles" to bring it into reality, and The Offer is one such piece that looks into the story of The Godfather.

The actor admitted that the film had actual mafia that went into making the movie a reality. While he chose not to expand on the fact and how the mafia was involved, he shared that he was totally oblivious to the particular fact. Needless to say, it is pretty fascinating that the actual mafia came together for the making of the film.

Matthew Goode shared that he was surprised about Sinatra's obsession with the film and all the lengths he went to to make the film a reality. He employed the help of Joe Colombo for the film and then he was also aided by Mickey Cohen when the things finally took off.

Burn Gorman shared the funny details of the film that make for pretty interesting insights into the dynamics of the film. Apparently, Brando features a cat in the initial scenes of his house but the cat was not written in the script. Brandon had randomly picked up a cat from outside the sets and no one knew whether the cat had to be there or not.

The cat did make things a little difficult as the other person in the scene did not tolerate its presence and claimed that its loud purring was making him forget the lines of his dialogues. Yet, the film did star the little furry buddy.

Another interesting bit of the story was that actor was truly free with the exploration of their characters and Francis Coppola did not hinder their creative process in any way. The director focused on creating a work environment where the actors could bring their best to the table and whatever fit into the story was allowed to stay. The actor explained that is pretty interesting to act and he is glad to have learned it in the course of his career.

Expanding on their personal careers, the actors revealed the particular offers that they have encountered during their time in the industry and could not resist.

Matthew Goode was incredibly honest with his answer and shared that the one character and role he really could not say no to was his character in The Offer itself. He explained that the role meant he had to stay away from his home and three children for a long time.

He could only meet his wife about three times in seven months and was mostly away for shooting the series. And yet, he shared that the show was 100% worth it and there was no way he would have said no to the character.

The actor also admitted that if the role was left open to discussion, he could have thought against it and could have said no to it. But since he was oppressed the part in such honest terms, there was no way he could reject it, and shared that he is fortunate to have played the part.

Colin Hanks also shared that there have been only a few roles where he thought of saying no and most of the time, that was the wrong decision. He said that he also has been fortunate as he has always been rewarded with the best of the characters and has been able to experiment with a lot of different roles and characters.

It has helped him explore a lot of different parts of his acting skills and how he can use them to become better at his skill.

Sharing another insight into his acting career, the actor shared that the roles that challenge him end up becoming his best portrayals and are usually good to undertake. While it is scary to say yes to these roles, they end up being more satisfying and gratifying.

He also shared that now he stays on the lookout for particularly these kinds of characters that make him nervous. He is also getting ready for a Tom Sizemore production next year.