What was Charlie Puth's revelation about losing his virginity?
by Ana Walia | Thu, 02 Jun 2022 20:15:23 GMT
Charlie Puth for Bustle. Image Source: Bustle 

It is a well-known fact that if there is anything Charlie Puth loves other than music, it is talking sex. In his recent interview with Bustle, the singer-songwriter and producer Charlie Puth shared with the interviewer that for a date he just wants someone who can understand his humor and not because they know him as a famous personality. He added that he does not want to waste anybody’s time and hopes that nobody wastes his time either.

Charlie Puth says that both music and sex are intertwined according to him, and he further explained that this could be a really weird thing for people, but he would want people to almost get turned on by the frequency of the musical instruments in his music. He explained that he cannot perform while listening to a song, as he said that when he starts to hear the music playing in the background, he starts to see the music notes in his mind, and he finds it hard to concentrate on that situation (getting hard he said) (TMI). Charlie Puth admitted that the first song he ever jerked off to was "This Love" by Maroon 5, and now he is friends with Adam Levine, who said that he's jerking off to their song was weird.

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Charlie Puth revealed that he did not lose his virginity until he was 21 and explained that after playing a small gig in Boston, a girl came up to him and was like, "Can you sign my chest?" and he described that he felt like a rock star but never saw her again. Charlie said that she was lovely, but it makes him sad sometimes because he wishes the older version of him was like, "Hey, you might want to just make this a little more memorable."

Charlie Puth loves TikTok because it helps him show his vulnerability, and he said that he was not a vulnerable person before he started making videos on TikTok, which is full of flagrant displays of thirstiness. Comedian Sarah Schauer tweeted in August that Charlie Puth is horny on TikTok and added that if he does not get laid soon, she fears the worst. Talking about the tweet, Charlie Puth said that it made him think that people do understand him like he’s horny and thinks that to be a creative person, you have to be a little bit horny too.

Producing videos on the TikTok app, according to the singer, is similar to composing songs: not everyone will be a hit, but if you're terrified of making a horrible one, you'll never produce one that will. He also said that there are some drawbacks to this, such as the fact that there is so much music and so many TikTok videos being released every day that it almost feels like there is a lot of competition, but at the end of the day he truly believes that having some competition is always a good thing.

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The singer also answered the highly anticipated question about his beef with Benny Blanco, who started posting videos on TikTok and making fun of him, to which Charlie Puth said that he had no idea how it started, but he did wonder whether Benny Blanco was upset about something with him or was it just masked comedy. Charlie Puth said that Benny Blanco said that there is nothing wrong between them, but added that maybe there is nothing wrong and he is overthinking it.

During the conversation, Charlie Puth mentioned that he talks a lot to himself and loves to watch his thoughts, and there is nothing better for him than putting his phone down, closing his eyes, and just seeing where his mind takes him to. The singer added that he didn’t know that was a good exercise in writing songs, but he shared that he wrote all of his third albums by having conversations with himself. He explains that his regrets, his embarrassing moments, all the things he never gets closure on—it’s all just material, waiting to come out.