What's the status of Hailey and Justin Bieber following her health scare?
by Ana Walia | Tue, 15 Mar 2022 18:00:53 GMT
Justin Bieber is keeping a close watch at Hailey Bieber after her hospitalization. Image Source: ELLE 

Justin Bieber is keeping a watch at Hailey Bieber after her hospitalization! 

Last week, Hailey Bieber was admitted to a hospital in Palm Springs after she experienced stroke-like symptoms, which she later confirmed in her social media story were due to a small blood clot which was found in her brain. Hailey explained later that it the blood clot in her brain had caused a small lack of oxygen, because of which she fainted but recovered within a few hours.

The model did mention that it was one of the scariest moments she has ever been through, but she did not forget to thank the doctors and nurses who took care of her and mentioned that she is grateful that she is now doing well and is back home.

Hailey Bieber thanked the fans and well-wishers who reached out to her to know how she is doing and added that she is grateful for all the support and love. Hailey’s health scare comes after Justin Bieber’s health update, as he was tested positive for coronavirus last month but has recovered since but now is really scared for his wife. 

Hailey Bieber's comment confirming the news. Image Source: Pedestrian TV 

According to reports, Hailey’s condition has come as a shock to the couple, and Justin is said to be more traumatized than the model, as he was right there with her when she fainted. There was a lot of panic when it happened, and the singer just texted everyone he knew and asked everyone to pray for his wife, never leaving her side for a minute.

The sources explained that the singer kept saying that he couldn’t lose her and, whatever it takes, he wants the best medical treatment for Hailey Bieber and wanted her to recover. The sources close to the couple added that at that moment, Justin Bieber would have done anything to help her, and at that moment, the couple realized how much life means and how they should now focus on what’s important.

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Justin Bieber has been sharing with people how Hailey Bieber is his rock and how she saved him when he was in a dark place, and he wants to appreciate her every single day. The singer, who has expressed in multiple interviews how much he is grateful for Hailey entering his life and being his person when he needed someone to lean onto. The source close to the couple adds that he is going to monitor her closely and help her however he can. Justin and Hailey had both been praying for their good health, and surely an incident like this one shook both of them up.

Hailey Bieber was recently spotted at Justin Bieber’s concert in Salt Lake City, Utah on March 13th, along with her friend Tyrell Hampton, and they were singing, dancing, and jumping around in videos as Justin Bieber performing during his Justice World Tour stop. Nothing's going to stop the couple celebrate each other's success eh? The couple also spent the afternoon at the Soho House in West Hollywood, where they enjoyed pancakes and berries. The sources said that Hailey was curled up in Justin’s lap while he kept rubbing her legs.

We wish for Hailey Bieber's fast recovery!