Why did Aerosmith's Las Vegas engagement was canceled?
by Ana Walia | Wed, 25 May 2022 19:21:11 GMT
Steven Tyler checks into a rehab. Image Source: Hello Magazine 

Aerosmith has announced that the dates of their Las Vegas residency have been canceled as Steven Tyler checks into rehab.

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, who underwent foot surgery recently while preparing for the band’s return on-stage and in managing the pain, suffered a relapse, after which he checked into a rehab facility that prompted the band to put their upcoming Las Vegas residency on hold.

According to the band's statement, their beloved brother Steven Tyler, who had worked on his sobriety for years, relapsed after foot surgery and his difficulty managing pain during the process, and voluntarily entered a treatment program to focus on getting better and recovering. The statement added that they would be subsequently canceling the June and July dates for the Deuces Are Wild residency and apologized to the fans for the inconvenience caused, but added that they know that fans would understand the situation and would come for their show in September.

Steven Tyler has been vocal about his challenges with substance abuse and has mentioned that his band mates staged an intervention for him in 1988 that urged him to seek help for his addiction. He spoke about the incident in Haute Living in 2019 and added that it took him so many years to get over the anger of his bandmates sending him to rehab while they went on vacation. He added that what makes him an alcoholic is not how much he drank or how often he used, or who he did any of that with. Steven added that it is what happens to him and who he becomes when he uses or drinks, and he does not like that guy.

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Steven said at the time that, looking back at the time, he feels thankful for the intervention that his band mates staged and stated that it’s one of the reasons for him staying sober. He also spoke to GQ Magazine and mentioned that at the time he did not know a band that was performing sober and he couldn’t do enough, he couldn’t get high enough. Steven Tyler mentioned in an interview that he started to experiment with drugs while he was a teenager but kept his habits under control, and later the lifestyle eventually caught up with him.

Steven Tyler suffered a relapse in 2009 as well, which was also due to a health issue. He entered the Betty Ford clinic for treatment and has been sober ever since. He also spoke to Entertainment Weekly in 2016 in which he appreciated his support system and mentioned that whenever someone dies, like Prince, he thinks that they died so that he could live. He added that Prince was just as much an addict as he was, but none of his people spoke up. He said that with the hope that the next time this happens to one of the other stars, somebody will speak up. Steven Tyler mentioned that his beautiful girlfriend at the time spoke up for him and he’s alive because she said, "You're going to Betty f—ing Ford!"

Steven Tyler told Rolling Stone during an interview about riding a roller coaster with Jimi Hendrix and enhancing the experience by inhaling poppers, which are chemical inhalants containing amyl nitrite that generate rapid bursts of ecstasy.

Previously, Aerosmith canceled the long-delayed UK and European tour due to uncertainty of travel logistics and the pandemic, including other issues like longtime drummer Joey Kramer's taking a temporary leave of absence from the band to focus on his family during these uncertain times.

Please call the SAMHSA hotline at 1-800-662-HELP if you or someone you know is dealing with substance misuse.