Why did Charlie Sheen suggest to Denise Richards that they come together as a united parental front for Sami Sheen?
by Ana Walia | Sat, 18 Jun 2022 21:04:25 GMT
Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen defend Sami Sheen. Image Source: Insider 

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen defend Sami Sheen.

Sami Sheen is the latest celebrity to join OnlyFans, and her father, Charlie Sheen, had some thoughts to share initially and said that she did not join the controversial platform under his roof and that she is living under her mother’s roof. But added that since he could not condone it now, he would like to urge his daughter to stay classy, and creative and not sacrifice her integrity.

Denise Richards, at the time, shared via a statement that Sami Sheen is 18 years old now and can make her own decisions. As a parent, she can only guide her and protect her to some extent, but at the end of the day, the decision is going to be hers. She also commented on her post that she would always support her and have her back.

Now, once again, the mother has stepped up to defend her daughter from public scrutiny over her joining the OnlyFans account. She took to her social media to share a post that read that she has been witnessing a lot of negative comments on her social media but stated that she wishes she had had the confidence her daughter Sami Sheen has right now when she is just 18 years old and added that she cannot be judgemental of the choices she makes.

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Denise added that she has done Wild Things and Playboy back in the day and thus cannot judge the choices of her daughter and added that quite frankly, Charlie Sheen shouldn’t be judgemental about her choices either. She added that it took her so many years to be able to ignore the negativity on social media and she sometimes still struggles with it, but her daughter has been commendable in handling things that come her way. Denise went ahead to appreciate Sami Sheen and her capacity to deal with public scrutiny and pressure, as well as her willingness to not lash out against the notion is commendable because she understands that the constant comments and noise could destroy an individual.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star explained that she only recently discovered OnlyFans and understands why people would judge those who have an account on the platform because women and men from the adult film industry use are also on it. But the actress pointed out that they also use Instagram and Twitter, so why is the judgment unique to OnlyFans just because the people get paid there? The actress went on to say that she is confident that Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook work well for everyone and that controlling and monetizing them is a horrible idea.

Denise added that if she got paid at her age for people to see her in a bikini, God bless everyone and she shared that the people who were being judgmental and said that maybe they were already subscribed to an OnlyFans account. Earlier Sami Sheen also shared on Instagram that her mother is very supportive of her choices and clarified that the only thing that counts is that you're happy with what you're sharing and that you remember that all bodies are beautiful, when she was asked why did she decide to join the platform. 

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In listening to Denise Richards’ comments in favor of their daughter, Charlie Sheen also backtracked his comments and said that Denise had highlighted a number of important things that he had neglected and rejected in his hurry. Charlie said in a statement released through his publicist, Jeff Ballard, that his daughter, now more than ever, needs a unified parental front to rely on as she starts on this new adventure, and she will have it abundantly from now on.

Denise Richards' support for daughter comes after she previously mentioned that they have a strained relationship at the moment but she believes that she will get past this and be back as mother and daughter. Although it is not clear that when did Sami Sheen move back to her mother's place.