Why did Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia show Chris Austin the way out of the Bachelor Mansion?
by Ana Walia | Tue, 19 Jul 2022 20:34:46 GMT
Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia. Image Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet 

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia show Chris Austin the way out from the Bachelor Mansion. 

During the Monday episode of The Bachelorette, which showcased the group date for the women and the suitors, it also featured a pageant that the girls hosted at the Bachelor Mansion, and Aevn, Logan Palmer, Brandan, Jason, Johnny, and Colin were rewarded with some extra time to get to know the girls.

Chris Austin, whose bio mentions that he knows what his goals are and exactly what he needs to do to accomplish them, adds to that that he is looking for someone ambitious, compassionate, and secure. During the episode, when Chris did not hear his name being called up for the extra time with the leads, he made sure that his presence in the room was counted as he said to the men who were looking forward to having one-on-one dates with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia that it’s awesome for them and he wished they had a good time.

Before wishing the suitors, Chris did mention that the ones, including himself, who are not going to have some extra time with the ladies. He knows that Rachel and Gabby don’t need a test right now as they know how they feel about them.

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While the women and the selected suitors were enjoying their dates, elsewhere in the episode, Chris Austin brought up Fantasy Suites and was heard talking to some of the other suitors in the house, expressing his deal breakers. Chris said that, according to his perspective, if an individual is in a situation where there are four people involved and four people are invited to the fantasy suite and the female in such a situation has sex with someone else, he would not be interested in being with that person and would happily go out. The bachelor believed that it was premature for him to discuss the dream suite at this time since it was just the week 2 of the show and that Chris Austin was also being rude to Gabby and Rachel.

Chris, on the other hand, did not say whether he would express his feelings about the "fantasy suite" situation with Gabby Windey or Rachel Recchia. Later, Rachel Recchia was hinted at by Chris’ thoughts by some of the other suitors during the cocktail party, and she seemed pretty upset about the way he thought. Rachel said that she cannot believe that this was happening and clarified that when she said yes to the show, she did not want to look like a person who just got brought to fantasy suites and described the entire situation as feeling sexualized in a way. She said that she cannot understand why people are already talking about the Fantasy Suites and why sex is being brought up.

Rachel further shared that hearing that being brought up before she has had a conversation with someone who is truly almost her biggest fear, adding that the fact that Chris is already discussing ultimatums to try to take control of their journey is very upsetting. Rachel spoke to Gabby Windey, who also echoed the same sentiment that she has not had a conversation with Chris yet, so for him to think about fantasy suites is entirely ridiculous.

Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia confronted Chris Austin about the situation, and he said that the reality is that if he was going to find love, he would think all the way through till the end and then be able to work it backward from there. Neither of the leads was convinced or impressed or swooped by his answer, and Chris reiterated that he would not want to be with someone who had slept with someone else and mentioned that he was not the only one who was talking about the Fantasy Suites. He also tried to clarify that he wanted his thoughts to be cleared and he is not taking away anyone's desire or opinion about it. 

Gabby Windey said in response to Chris that his calculated thoughts about the Fantasy Suites seem very inappropriate at this time and added that if he had seen their journey, he would have respected their place as women. But Chris Austin, instead of apologizing, tried to talk to them condescendingly and the ladies asked him to leave. Even former Bachelor host Kaitlyn Bristowe called Chris a red flag.

The two co-leads showed Chris Austin the way out of the Bachelor Mansion, and when he tried to return to the mansion to confront the other suitors, he was escorted out. Fans pointed out the it was too soon and a really stupid move for Chris Austin to bring up the Fantasy Suites while some said that they liked how both two co-leads stood up for what they believe is right for their journey.