Why did Jessica Biel and Melanie Lynskey agree to star in Candy?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Tue, 10 May 2022 18:01:26 GMT
Candy is a true-crime Hulu production starring Jessica Biel; Credits: StyleCaster

Hulu has made some great quality shows in the past few years and this time it has come forward with a true-crime series. Named Candy, the series premiered earlier this May. 

The show was aired in five parts with a single episode airing each day on the streaming platform until its final conclusion was then aired on Friday the 13th of this month. The story of the series follows Candy Montgomery and dates back to 1980. 

It involves a true crime event from the time when the housewife and mother, Candy, managed to evade investigation and got away with a horrific murder. The character of Candy is played by Jessica Biel, famous for The Sinner. 

Biel also stars as the executive producer of the short series and enacts Candy, a woman who manages to get everything that she had ever wanted. She has a great life with a caring and doting husband, the most amazing children, and a beautiful home to live in in the suburbs. 

However, the perfect life of Candy comes crashing down when she meets Betty Gore, a fellow churchgoer played by Melanie Lynskey from Yellowjackets, and her husband, played by Pablo Schrieber from Halo. The rest of the main cast includes Timothy Simons and Raul Esparza. 

Biel talked with ScreenRant explaining the making of the series, their outfit collection from the 1980s, and how the story came out in the form of the series Candy. Here is why you should add Candy to one of your must-watch true-crime productions by Hulu!

Candy is a great look into the style and the fashion of the past and does not miss when it comes to the outfit choices of the suburban mother from the 1980s. Cast members like Timothy and Pablo shared that they greatly adored their outfits from the show and got to experiment with amazing styles. In fact, Timothy even kept his blue jumpsuit from the series. 

Giving credit to Candy for its marvelous costume designs, Candy actress Biel shared that she loved the look that she sported in the series. It was different for her than the other roles she had played and even her hair was done in a different way than the present and she got to wear some truly iconic costumes. 

The pantsuits were an instant hit look from the show and it is safe to say that Biel truly pulled off the look. She defined the style as the 1980s chic and exclaimed that it was fun to dress that way. In fact, her dressing sense was so altered from her usual style that she admitted not to have felt like herself. 

Melanie also shared that Candy had a great time with outfits and named the yellow dress from Betty's baby shower her favorite look from the show. The dress was supposed to make her look happy and glowing and was a deliberate choice. 

Yet it presented the contrast with the story as Betty was really not looking either glowing or happy. However, she did say that she really liked the baby shower dress!

She also appreciated the genius of Robert Blackman, the costume designer, when it came to curating the wardrobe for the series. The work by the designer added another layer of depth to the story and if you are watching it for the genre, you can surely watch it for the fashion!

Another aspect of the series that makes it really worth a watch is an executive production by Jessica Biel and how the shoe creators handled the ending of the show. Explaining what drew her to act in the series, producer Biel shared that she was fascinated by the series' conclusion and that it stuck in her mind. 

The story's narration is a really captivating aspect of the tale as the script slowly builds up from portraying the domestic bliss of Candy's life and then transforms into a horror tale. The suburban life is beautifully portrayed along with the various other tones later added to the show that make it worth a watch. 

The story is extremely sensitive but directors Robin and Nick were great when it came to channeling the events of the crime onto the screen. They wove magic into the portrayal of the story. 

The series is also amazing when it comes to showing the familial relationships people can have in their mundane lives and how these are all so intimate and affectionate. The couple is attentive to their children, they go to movies together, and function well as a single-family unit. 

Looking back on this moment, Lynskey shared that she did not get to watch many films herself as a child and wasn't taken to movie outings much. And hence, she couldn't relate to the series when it presented this particular nostalgic moment. 

She shared that she herself began watching films at night and the one franchise that she truly liked was The Exorcist and other films like it. She now wishes that she can give her daughter a better experience when it comes to watching films. 

However, she did share that her husband is more well-versed when it comes to films and has had a normal childhood in such terms. They are together working on a beautiful life!

On the other hand, Biel shared that she watched a lot of films as she grew up and her one favorite franchise would be Goonies. She also named Dirty Dancing as another of her favorites on the list and she is a big fan of the film!

Then, of course, there are tentpole franchises that almost everyone loves like Star Wars, and the one favorite which has taken everyone by storm, E.T. Her son really likes watching this film and also has a soft spot for Batteries Not Included. 

Though the film is for adults and touches on many deeper themes when it comes to robots and space aliens, she said that she is always surprised when her son says that he loves it too!