Why did Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams reunite?
by Ana Walia | Fri, 20 May 2022 04:06:12 GMT
Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams reunite. Image Source: Showbiz Cheat Sheet 

Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams reunite, and it’s not for Grey’s Anatomy.

Actress Sarah Drew took to her social media to share an appreciation post for friend and co-star Jesse Williams, who is currently starring in her Broadway debut in "Take Me Out." She wrote in her caption that she got to see Jesse Williams shine in his Tony-nominated Broadway debut on her way from Canada and added, What a show! What a performance.

The actress continued with the caption that read, she laughed and cried during the play as it was moving and hilarious at the same time, and added that it was heartbreaking too. Sarah Drew, who is a close friend of Grey’s Anatomy alum Jesse Williams, said that the actor’s performance was simply stunning, but Jesse Tyler Ferguson also brought some joyful tears to her eyes several times.

Jesse Williams commented on her post, thanking her for not disturbing the show with her joyful weeping and adding, love you. Fans of the co-stars who played Dr. Jackson Avery and Dr. April Kepner on the show Grey’s Anatomy were quick to witness how beautiful their friendship is that they have never stopped supporting each other. One of the users added that these comments make their fans’ hearts warm to know that there is true friendship in the entertainment industry, while some of them chanted, "Japril is my favorite."

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According to reports, Dr. Jackson Avery and Dr. April Kepner, who the audience witnessed leaving for Boston the last time they appeared, are soon going to make an appearance on the show and reprise their roles for the season 18 finale. April had admitted to Jackson that she had separated from her husband, hinting that they could give their relationship another chance as they have a daughter. There have been some rumors about both the characters having their spinoff, but nothing has been said as of yet. Inquiring about the future for Jackson and April, Jesse Williams said in an interview a few months ago that it's very much possible that Jackson and April could have rekindled their romance after she agreed to come with him to Boston. Jesse Williams added that they are damn good together, but most importantly, what Jackson needs right now is from April is friendship and kindness, and patience, and understanding, and according to him he will get that with her and be able to share and give and reciprocate it as well. 

Talking about what Jackson would be up to in Boston, Jesse Williams shares that in his opinion, Jackson will face several setbacks on his path to success in the administrative role that he has taken on as the director of a foundation. He believes this is something Jackson will not, and cannot, abandon after finally finding a place where he can be himself, not simply his vocation. The actor added that Jackson always had this bubble wrap over him to protect him, and he'll be pleased to be able to perform this work and feel like blood is rushing through his veins in a whole new manner now. He'll feel alive like he's never felt before, which is quite amazing. 

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Recently, Jesse Williams was caught under the radar after one of the audience members decided to breach the consent and no phone policy of the theatre and went ahead to not only click Jesse Williams’ nude picture but also share it with the world by putting it out on social media. He spoke to The Associated Press and shared that he is not thinking about it at the moment because he can’t do anything about it.

Jesse Williams added that just because he agreed to be nude on stage does not mean that he is okay with his nudes being out in the open on social media for all to witness. The actor also added that one of the members who breached the consent did not understand how theatre works and they breached the theatre as well, but mentioned that this incident is a reminder to everyone to keep advocating for themselves and know that consent is important. Talking about his Tony Award nomination, Jesse Williams share that it has been an incredible week and he feels so honored to be nominated, to be in this company, and, most importantly. The actor mentioned that he is excited about the entire production being nominated for Best Play in the revival category.

Are we ready to see Japril on-screen again?