Why did Sebastian Stan meet Tommy Lee before starring in Pam and Tommy?
by Jaskiran Kaur | Thu, 10 Mar 2022 19:25:17 GMT
Sebastian Stan stars alongside Lily James and Tommy and Pam respectively; Credits: Men's Health

Pam and Tommy, the new Hulu series, is a very intriguing show. Based on the love life of Pam and Tommy from back in the day, the story has everything from crime, love, popularity, and more. 

The story is a retelling of how the sex tape of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee became the first-ever viral video on the internet. It begins with the angry contractor, played by Seth Rogen, who wanted to get revenge for not being paid for his work by the rock star. 

Hence, he broke into his house and found that he has just secured the sex tape of the rock star. As the video made it to the internet, it virtually changed the lives of Tommy Lee, played by Sebastian Stan, and Pamela Anderson, played by Lily James

Sebastian Stan talked with Collider about his role in the series and what it was like to play the role after his initial misgivings about the series. 

Sharing why he was not very confident with the role, he shared that he thought that, unlike Tommy, he did not sport any tattoos on his body and also unlike the musician, did not play any instruments. Essentially, he knew nothing about being in a rock band. 

So, it felt like he was trying to be someone he was not and was not sure if could play the part. Yet the director of the series, Craig Gillespie, showed confidence in the actor and gave him the role. 

The scripts of the series paved the way for him to act as they were extremely detailed on what he was supposed to do. Being a fan of Lily James and Seth Rogen, it was scary yet amazing for him to come along and work with them. 

So, when he started with the shoots, he knew that "there was no turning back." The series started production earlier on, and there was a five months gap after which they started the shoots following much anticipation. 

In the end, he finally got to try the tattoos and wear the costumes as he transformed into the rock band singer. It was difficult for Stan to envision himself as Tommy before he got to play him in full costume. 

He also reached out to Tommy Lee amidst the shoot for the series as he "thought that was the respectful and decent human thing to do." He only wanted to introduce himself to the singer instead of looking for insights to portray the role. 

He wanted to make sure that Tommy was not offended by him for playing him on TV without formally introducing himself first. Hence, he went and talked with the singer and let him know that he will be playing his life on TV. 

The actor has shared that shooting Pam and Tommy was a whirlwind experience for him. Even though it has been more than 5 months since the series finished shooting, he is still not able to believe that he has worked in it. He said that it will take him a little more time to come to terms with the experience.

The experience still feels surreal to him. 

Sebastian Sytan also shared the major struggles he had to face when portraying Tommy. First and foremost, he is not a drummer and does not play any instruments. However, he wanted to perform the best he could for the role. 

He had about three months to give all that he could to the character and do his best. He managed his time the best he could as he was also working on a different project in the interim of the production and shoot of Pam and Tommy. 

In the end, he got accustomed to the drums and loved playing them. The journey was amazing for him, and it was surreal to see that he could portray one of the best drummers in the world.

Pam and Tommy is available to stream on Hulu.